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  1. Don‘t push yourself too high. ZModeler IS a modeling program, the principle is the same. The models you create can also be used outside GTA:SA, it just lacks functionality. In addition to that,there are people out there who literally live with ZModeler without even having the intention of „giving themselves fame“. Just keep this thing neutral, continuously putting yourself over others skill-wise won‘t help you selling this model.
  2. There are always little fights here or there over more or less little things, what matters is that the clan war was fun to play/watch and there weren't any other bigger issues that interrupted it. GG everybody!
  3. With Balsamiq
  4. Final Score (|6s - XpR): 76-64 MVP: Zoilo
  5. Declined. Applying to two clans simultaneously is prohibited.
  6. Farewell 2017 The year summed up With the hope for a better year.. Farewell 2017 The year summed up With the hope for a better year.. .leadershipBG { font-weight: 500; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; white-space: nowrap; vertical-align: middle; padding: 2px 10px 0px; border-radius: 3px; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); background: #255362; color: white; } The first quarter of 2017 was devastating. We came across many issues; the main one being how Sixth Sense 1.0 didn't go as planned. We've overlooked every issue and problem to progress forward and reach our goals. During 2017 we've progressed, not only in terms of our upcoming 2.0 server, but as a team and as a family. The year consisted of many ups and downs; from members leaving due to clan failure at the start, to dominating other clans in the battleground. Understanding our position after failing, we're progressing forward. Clan Wars We're safe to say we've achieved one out of the four third year goals; winning 500 clan wars! Not bad considering we've gone past our goal, carrying only 31 losses. That's 1 loss every 16 clan wars! DD CWs: 258 (92,5%) DM CWs: 9 (3,2%) WFF CWs: 9 (3,2%) Shooter CWs: 3 (1,1%) Statistics for 2017 33 Members Recruited 2 Leaders Announced 279 Clan Wars Played Invitees Brand New Recruitment System Recruitment To start of the year, we have decided to bring along five, highly suited people into our team: Martis|6s - former leader of Elite Players and known for his tremendous versatility. Welcome aboard, Martynas. SheldoN|6s - one of the best HDM players in this game. Despite your previous short stay we are glad to have you back. Tryhard|6s - Experienced Destruction Derby player with pleasing activity and communication skills. Girard|6s - Experienced Destruction Derby player with pleasing activity and communication skills. Bari|6s - an old face back to reinforce the team. Welcome back! Sneak Peek To conclude, here is a small image of what you guys will expect in our upcoming Sixth Sense 2.0. Our development team are working hard for the community! Best Regards, Sixth Sense Leadership
  7. Gold
  8. When you find the trash you've written during new years eve


  9. @DeLeTe
  10. Whoever tries to realise it, that might be a challenge for him. Realising it exactly like this with lua (no CEF) is definitely possible but some more unexperienced scripters in terms of front-end could get headache.
  11. Hello everybody, some time ago I was working on some ideas on how I would make a tournament server for WFF. I tried to wireframe some ideas (if somebody is interested on how it looked like, click here) and worked on usability. This design was the outcome. I still have got more ideas afterwards but I was too lazy/busy with other things to create them. In addition to that, the administrating tab is being missed. Maybe I can push somebodies skills, creativity and innovativity through freebies. Since we are working on Sixth Sense 2.0, I got no use for those designs. PROGRAM I'VE USED: Adobe Experience Design FONTS I'VE USED: Proxima Nova (TEXT), FontAwesome 4 (ICONS) (Not going to include Proxima Nova since it is copyrighted and we got a licensed version for it) DOWNLOAD LINK:!DpdkTa6T!duIRh03_dlNroPqP5aLiu5OJR65X-hBg67CIhati7YI Merry Christmas and Best Regards, airplaNe
  12. Finished the LSD-version of Rafinha v9 (thx eye for recording & uploading :Heart:)


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      Liar you recorded it in x1 speed and edited to x2 speed in Sony Vegas. Kid a lot.

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      Yes gj a lot loocat. Smart trial. Exposed a lot airplan.

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      Sorry for the inconvenience, please don‘t speak to my manager!

  13. Waited for this topic!! I'll post more from time to time