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  1. Due to potential DDoS-attacks we might play on a hidden server and thus we will stream the match!
  2. As I said in the youtube comments section, the edit is above the MTA standards, I could watch it a thousand times without getting bored. The map itself is also highly innovative. I LOVE IT!
  3. Next time take this image, you would have joined!
  4. Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 with green switches Mouse: Roccat Savu Headset: HyperX Cloud II Mouse Pad: SteelSeries QCK+ Heavy
  5. 50/10
  6. @xDarK1nG Memories @topic: Seen that map before, amazing map and that decoration has really caught me the first time I saw it. You're probably one of the best decorators out here.
  7. MTT is definitely the most enjoyable tournament I have ever participated in. The fact that you collaborate with players from different gamemodes is just sick & fun as hell! What I wonder is what would happen if we would have more teams in MTT and everybody would appear to their matches, MTT would probably end up being the most intense tournament out there and that's definitely something I'd wish for MTT #3 after 2.0 has been released! Thanks goes out to Phenomenal Ones for the phenomenal match, it was super intense and fun to play, I love such matches. Also thanks to my team who never disappointed in any way. Everytime when someone plays weaker than usual, another player steps up and plays better than usual. Due to that we managed to win every match till now and certainly there are a lot more matches to win in the future. BLACK BOX IS LOVE
  8. Making videos about a loss is a whole new level of mimimi.
  9. It‘s not about .png. Imgur compresses their images and thus they lose quality, rather upload your images to another site.
  10. I am pretty sure you haven't been accepted, but yet you are wearing our tag. Declined.
  11. MTA Designers in a nutshell


  12. Hey, a few tips: Consistency wise you should always use the same spacing at the left/right & top/bottom. You could for example always use 20px width right/left & 40px top/bottom. Usability wise this is pretty dang hard to use. Since we released 1.0 everybody should know that those "OS" ingame userpanels/lobbies aren't the best things to use. Also you have used a shitton of call-to-action buttons, so you will have a hard time understanding everything and eventually a player might give up and leave the server. To prevent "sinking into the design too much" and forgetting about usability I would suggest you making wireframes of your designs before you even start designing. You could for example take a simple sheet of paper and draw what you want to create on it. You can draw the elements & buttons on it and then think about if that is the easiest way to realise it. Thus you can come up with a lot of tries & examples and eventually you find out which is the best one and you can start designing. That has helped me a lot in my personal career and to accomplish my goals. In addition to that I think that the text sizes might be too small, some players might have a hard time reading them. If you have questions about anything you can also just hook me up at skype! Cheers airplaNe
  13. I dont know why, but I've always liked Rio de Janeiro. That place is somehow magical for me and their high criminality rate won't stop me from visiting it one day! @IntreLeX @Pablow