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  1. Some words to that: I was refereeing the match and during the match I haven't treated anybody disrespectful. There were no incidents in the match at all, SKC was simply losing. Now here you get to see some parts of the behaviour of SKC: [2017-08-12 20:14:33] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: ab? [2017-08-12 20:14:39] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: none [2017-08-12 20:15:09] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: wtf? [2017-08-12 20:15:10] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: why the fuck not --- right here the spawns were bugging a bit and I tried to fix it [2017-08-12 20:16:13] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: -.- [2017-08-12 20:16:08] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: gg spawn [2017-08-12 20:16:20] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: deactive onespawnscript [2017-08-12 20:16:40] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: -.- u have onespawn on [2017-08-12 20:19:29] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: circle jerk [2017-08-12 20:19:47] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: can we get 1pt [2017-08-12 20:20:09] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: this is gonna take a while [2017-08-12 20:20:14] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: got damm this running [2017-08-12 20:20:53] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: gay runner [2017-08-12 20:20:54] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: running aint fair [2017-08-12 20:21:07] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: doing the same now [2017-08-12 20:21:13] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: pff [2017-08-12 20:21:19] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: gonna do the same 2017-08-12 20:22:22] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: get this server fixed ffs [2017-08-12 20:22:36] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: If S15 bugs then we play 28 again [2017-08-12 20:22:44] [Output] : Pentaroyidx|VIII: lets play xl then [2017-08-12 20:22:51] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: only maps from the list [2017-08-12 20:22:53] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: ZL instead? [2017-08-12 20:22:59] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: yeah xl is good for running [2017-08-12 20:23:05] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: stop that [2017-08-12 20:23:06] [Output] : FanTa|VIII: 28 is pretty much the same as s15 [2017-08-12 20:23:38] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: didnt even move [2017-08-12 20:23:40] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: this guy has infinite weight [2017-08-12 20:23:55] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: nice cheats bro [2017-08-12 20:23:58] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: fair game [2017-08-12 20:24:13] [Output] : FanTa|VIII: keep it in teamchat kro [2017-08-12 20:24:15] [Output] : FanTa|VIII: i mean mvp [2017-08-12 20:24:21] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: no its meant for allchat [2017-08-12 20:24:25] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: just wait [2017-08-12 20:24:26] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: you're a referee? [2017-08-12 20:24:32] [Output] : TC|JmicK: the chat is more interesting than the match [2017-08-12 20:24:38] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: he will drive him self off [2017-08-12 20:24:43] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: it's just funny to me. [2017-08-12 20:25:02] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: could you guys start playing instead of flaming [2017-08-12 20:25:03] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: look at that [2017-08-12 20:25:21] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: this guy doesnt move [2017-08-12 20:25:24] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: best serverscripts [2017-08-12 20:25:25] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: when you hit him [2017-08-12 20:25:25] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: this match is a joke :D --- point reset due to restarting the cw resource [2017-08-12 20:26:36] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: ay we had more points [2017-08-12 20:26:44] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: we had 10 pts [2017-08-12 20:26:45] [Output] : (TEAM) [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: what a noob reff [2017-08-12 20:26:46] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ref wtf [2017-08-12 20:27:28] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: these laggers [2017-08-12 20:27:44] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: right [2017-08-12 20:27:50] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: it is normal when you hit a guy he doesn't move? [2017-08-12 20:27:56] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: no rhae [2017-08-12 20:28:00] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: he increased weight [2017-08-12 20:28:19] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: why arent you moving? --- penta got killed by Nakki [2017-08-12 20:28:45] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: rekt [2017-08-12 20:28:49] [Output] : Pentaroyidx|VIII: gz [2017-08-12 20:28:50] [Output] : * Pentaroyidx|VIII has left the game [Quit] [2017-08-12 20:29:03] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ragequit? [2017-08-12 20:29:14] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: Let it be [2017-08-12 20:29:15] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: continue [2017-08-12 20:29:21] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: wait to you play dd or run? xd [2017-08-12 20:29:26] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: did he forreal ragequit? [2017-08-12 20:29:30] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: ofc [2017-08-12 20:29:31] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: leave it [2017-08-12 20:29:32] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: he hacking [2017-08-12 20:29:32] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: just play [2017-08-12 20:29:34] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: and ragequit [2017-08-12 20:29:35] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: haha --- race starts: They called free after like 10 seconds (the rules say that you are allowed to call free up to 25 seconds after the round has started) [2017-08-12 20:31:07] [Output] : Crizz|VIII: free [2017-08-12 20:31:10] [Output] : [MTT] Current state has been changed by airplaNe|6s to Free [2017-08-12 20:31:12] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: ... [2017-08-12 20:31:13] [Output] : TurBo|VIII: forgot to /play [2017-08-12 20:31:14] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: no wtf [2017-08-12 20:31:15] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: WHAT IS IT NOW? [2017-08-12 20:31:19] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: are u kidding [2017-08-12 20:31:24] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: nice ref [2017-08-12 20:31:25] [Output] : Wanz|VIII: redo [2017-08-12 20:31:27] [Output] : TurBo|VIII: i said free 2 secs after cd man [2017-08-12 20:31:28] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: Nice ref? Read the rules [2017-08-12 20:31:29] [Output] : TurBo|VIII: not a huge deal [2017-08-12 20:31:30] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: free i forgot to clean my house [2017-08-12 20:31:34] [Output] : Crizz|VIII: we said it at the beggining [2017-08-12 20:31:36] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: 25 seconds after the match started they are able to free [2017-08-12 20:31:36] [Output] : [Room] airplaNe|6s has redone this map! [2017-08-12 20:31:37] [Output] : [Room] Starting [Race] 0nE WaY [2017-08-12 20:31:39] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: will be back in 2h [2017-08-12 20:31:41] [Output] : [MTT] Current state has been changed by airplaNe|6s to Live [2017-08-12 20:31:41] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: can u wait [2017-08-12 20:31:45] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: free [2017-08-12 20:31:47] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: free [2017-08-12 20:31:51] [Output] : [MTT] Current state has been changed by airplaNe|6s to Free [2017-08-12 20:31:56] [Output] : FanTa|VIII: kek [2017-08-12 20:32:02] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: it vvas a joke [2017-08-12 20:32:11] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: or are u willing to wait 2h [2017-08-12 20:32:21] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: Joke somewhere else [2017-08-12 20:32:22] [Output] : [Room] airplaNe|6s has redone this map! [2017-08-12 20:32:22] [Output] : [Room] Starting [Race] 0nE WaY [2017-08-12 20:32:24] [Output] : [MTT] Current state has been changed by airplaNe|6s to Live [2017-08-12 20:32:28] [Output] : Crizz|VIII: nice joke [2017-08-12 20:32:31] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: wasn t [2017-08-12 20:33:29] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: look at their pings xd [2017-08-12 20:33:38] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: yeah now they are able to cut curves faster [2017-08-12 20:33:39] [Output] : Crizz|VIII: stop crying ffs [2017-08-12 20:33:48] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: but mom [2017-08-12 20:33:53] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: is no fair --- [2017-08-12 20:34:54] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: now i understand why there server is empty always /// At this point I wanted to disqualify SKC straight away but I just kept ignoring [2017-08-12 20:34:57] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: OOOOOOOOOOOO [2017-08-12 20:37:36] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ref [2017-08-12 20:37:44] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: do you hate us novv :( [2017-08-12 20:38:05] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: hope so [2017-08-12 20:38:22] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: beast script [2017-08-12 20:41:35] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: heyhey ref [2017-08-12 20:41:46] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: they dont have a full team [2017-08-12 20:41:47] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: we win [2017-08-12 20:42:21] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ref for fuck sake [2017-08-12 20:42:35] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: bad ref [2017-08-12 20:42:41] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: good ref [2017-08-12 20:42:44] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: Let me freaking wait until the points show up at the right side [2017-08-12 20:42:57] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: no [2017-08-12 20:43:42] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: they left [2017-08-12 20:43:43] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: we win [2017-08-12 20:43:47] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: they surrender [2017-08-12 20:44:46] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: we win [2017-08-12 20:44:51] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: they leave --- [2017-08-12 20:45:45] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: u know whats sad --- [2017-08-12 20:46:03] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: skc servers have about 40ppl online now and 6s has 4 [2017-08-12 20:47:20] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ice wtf [2017-08-12 20:47:33] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ref [2017-08-12 20:47:48] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: are you watching xpr vs ffs right now? [2017-08-12 20:48:02] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: i think you are [2017-08-12 20:48:17] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: rigged match [2017-08-12 20:48:19] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: bad ref [2017-08-12 20:48:50] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: bad server [2017-08-12 20:49:23] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: we won lol [2017-08-12 20:49:25] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: they cheated [2017-08-12 20:49:27] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: at dd [2017-08-12 20:49:30] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: ref did nothing about it [2017-08-12 20:49:32] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: kro they didnt [2017-08-12 20:49:34] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: if you say one more word you are disqualified from the whole tournament [2017-08-12 20:49:37] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ping just 300 [2017-08-12 20:49:39] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: I should have done this before [2017-08-12 20:49:43] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: he had positive ping lol [2017-08-12 20:49:44] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: ref [2017-08-12 20:49:45] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: madref [2017-08-12 20:49:48] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: whole team used cheat engine [2017-08-12 20:49:51] [Output] : [SKC]Nakki: thats agaisnt the rules --- [2017-08-12 20:49:53] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: Not thanks for playing with kids. Not thanks having a shitty server. Say Hi to F3NN for me. --- [2017-08-12 20:49:55] [Output] : [SKC]Rhae<~: 6s sucks [2017-08-12 20:50:14] [Output] : [SKC]Icecube: fanta used cheat engine [2017-08-12 20:50:18] [Output] : [SKC]Z3ITM4NN: funny to see how a server shouldn t be [2017-08-12 20:50:24] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: next time act mature lads [2017-08-12 20:50:27] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: no wonder nobody joins [2017-08-12 20:50:31] [Output] : [SKC]kr0: OOOOOOOO [2017-08-12 20:50:31] [Output] : airplaNe|6s: you're all pain in the ass At first I only want to disqualify them from the tournament. But after I've read the whole chatlog again, I noticed that I have overseen a few things which have lead me to the decision to not only disqualify those 5 players from further tournaments we host, but also to ban them from our forum and server permanently. Cheers & good luck at the tournament @ everybody else
  2. Overhyping internally and overhyping externally are two different things. Overhyping externally makes people ready and "hyped" for something big. Overhyping internally makes people motivated to work and to be active. I am mostly motivating my people because there is no success without motivation and determination. Nothing has reached the daylight yet so it is not worth to talk about ANYTHING beforehand. You don't cut the grass before it has been seed. Cheers
  3. We've faced a lot of problems after the launch. Some of them are: Bugs over bugs - more testing and bug-finding beforehand will pay off later. Bad usability. I think I've done pretty O.K. with the design and the colors, but I have to confess that I didn't spend a single minute about thinking of the usability of the server. I was mostly learning by myself and I didn't read many or any articles about the strategy of designing, if I would have done so, then we would not have faced any problems which stand in relation with the usability of the server. But right now I can say that I improved really much since I made the designs from 1.0, mostly strategically. Let´s just say if I would make something now () you would never ever face any game-, or "server"breaking things anymore. The failure of 1.0 has been a really important step for my self-development. No competition on the server. Symptoms of an abandoned ship. People were thinking we are closing right after the launch. From the inside we've all been pretty active but to the outside nobody really communicated. That´s the reason why everybody of our members has been wondering why people were saying that we are going to die. Enlightenment to our haters: No, we won't die now. No, we won't die later and no, we also won't be dead in 1 or 2 years. Neither me or FiNN will allow this project to die. Cheers
  4. 6s

    Putting on our clan tag on 3R before we even leave a word about you won't get you anywhere. Declined.
  5. I somehow never really valued your status within mta. You have been in MTA for so long and due to your mapping career you have really been one of those MTA legends people were talking of. It has been a nice time with you in the team. You have been in here since the start and you never disappointed anyone. I hope that you reach all the goals you want to reach in life and that you always stay healthy! If you ever have any personal problems and you need someone to talk about it, don't hesitate to contact me. LOVE!
  6. The password has been removed. Everybody is welcomed to join the server! See you on. Server ip: mtasa://
  7. There's enough
  8. Hey @Toretto, I went through your .psd file and saw several mistakes you've made. You add a text layer for every text you create. Simply create a text field (Press on the text icon and then hold down the left mouse button on your artwork and create a size that would fit) and use enter to add another row of text. To change the space between the space and other things you can simply open the menu here: There you have various options to choose from. Think about what you want to create before creating it. Right now your design looks like you've got ideas while designing and you had struggles to put them into the UI afterwards. Take a paper, write down everything you want to show on the page you want to make and then make a raw sketch of the interface on the paper. You can for example draw rectangles at places where you want to show off something. With that way you have it way easier at the end when you start designing. Nothing really works without a plan. Also make sure that everything is easy to use and easily understandable. In addition, only use elements that are common. P L A N N I N G -> D E S I G N I N G Get inspiration. Go to google, type in various keywords like "dashboard ui; interface ui" or something similar. Check how professionals made their designs - how they placed things, where they added padding, how much spacing and what color palettes they use etc. It will drastically improve your skills. You can use Pinterest, Behance or Dribbble. Use appropriate backgrounds. In the end you don't want to show off your designs in some GFX mountain environment, but on a MTA:SA server. Therefore, make some nice screenshots on your server without the default UI and place your designs on it. It will be easier for you to make things better fitting for it. Cheers - airplaNe
  9. Happy ramadan to those who are meant to fast!
  10. Sprint is really much fun and also really competitive. Some of you might not have tried sprint out yet (competitively & longer than 10 minutes). Those who did will most likely agree!
  11. Black Box (bb / blckbx) Contact (skype): airplanemta Team members / location: @airplaNe @Pablow @Naval @BurN @1thwonder Reserves H!J@CK @Geminat0r @Master
  12. @FiNN, @*R!der*, @Master and @JoinT!
  13. A bit more detailed than before ... I had a lot of time next to school so I more or less got myself into UI designing. I started off some things and released the psd files in the FFS forum. A few weeks after that @iRenox contacted me, telling me that I am good in what I am doing and that some known lads are going to set up a new big mta community. I gave my willingness to join a while after and now I am still here! The funny thing is: 2-4 weeks before I got invited to Sixth Sense I wanted to make my own clan. I just started searching for a scripter and found out about @nGear. I started talking to him and told him that we could actually do some cool stuff together judging by our capabilities and we already planned things here and there. Then suddenly we stopped texting for a while and met ourselves again in the Sixth Sense skype group, we felt like we backstabbed each other but somehow it was really funny too Memories! A small information aside: After I've joined I played so much CS:GO that I almost got kicked for inactivity. @iRenox wanted to kick me out straight away but @FiNN told him to give me some time because he smelled that I could get active again. Like foreseen by the almighty Robert, after like 3-4 months I started realizing that this project is actually what I always wanted and missed in MTA and I started being active constantly till now.
  14. Did you finally take english classes? Congratulations to the trials! Have a good, but especially a long stay!