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  1. Dear community ! Last night, I found epic shortcut on the sickest MTA map eva. thanks for watching shaker recorded by @Luminaire
  3. 1. What's your nickname, age and location and tell us something about yourself My name is Kacper (ingame +shaker).I live in Poland in small village and I would never like to live somewhere else.I was born in 08/04/2001.Actually I am 16 years old.Im going to first class in trade school.My proffesion is electromechanical engineer.I like play a football, computer games and meeting with my friends.I often playing in CS:GO and MTA..My favorite hobby is motorcycling.This hobby got started 1 year ago. I like motorbikes because they are really fast, nice and very loud.I like watching racers.My favourite driver is Stefan Merriman.He is a champion of WORLD ENDURO 2004.My favourite motorbikes it's Honda CR 500, KTM EXC 125, Honda CBR 1000RR and Yamaha R1. 2. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? I've been playing MTA since 2009 in Race servers with my real friend and my cousin, when I spent around 6-7 months.At the beginning we didn't embrance what it is about this game.Some day my cousin found a DD/DM/FUN Polish server.This server called Polish Pr0 Server.We playing in this server 2 years.First mode where I playing it was DD.I playing in DD 1 year.I was in more clans.Some day I went to Polish DM server and I really liked this mode.I playing in DM 3-4 years until today.I devise nick +shaker.I was in a lot clans.I played on a couple of server called -RB- | -nFw | -ffs- | LoD | .It is long ago, so sadly I can't remember any other servers.I also learned how to manage the Map Editor.I have made 1 map on my own.In 2016 I visited the server TPS the first time, where I spent more time.I joined some small teams, but nothing really revelant.Actually I playing in /TfF\ | ER# | XpR. 3. Have you been in any other clans? ✓ EsR | Empire Street Racers | closed ✓ nFw | no Fucking way | left / closed ✓ AMG | Amazing Mapping Gaming | left ✓ .s | Sanity | closed 4. Why did you choose Elite Players? I choose eP! because I have friends in this clan.Players are really amazing and friendly.This clan is very nice, and has got fantastic players.I can offer really nice atmosphere and I don't happen to be insulting players unless for jokes.Im simply myself.. 5. How can you be useful to us? I could be useful in DM Clan Wars because I think I'm really good in DM, and Hunters.I can help with maps and decoration in maps. 6. Something to add - 7. Skype shakerek7 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Best Regards, +shaker.