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  1. Username: TASOUNAyy Country: France Gamemode: Training and Deatchmatch Contacts Skype: By_TaSo_
  2. Do you know how to reduce .col file size ? ( .col is used for 3d object )
  3. Thanks guys
  4. Hello guys, today i post this feat request because I just can't map for the moment. ( I will maybe stop playing ) And I think this map is one where I spend the most of time for the decoration, it's why I posted this topic :). If you want finish this map just leave me your skype or PM, The track is finish, just need to finish the decoration and improve deco or track like u want. There is some screens ( I can't rec ) : Start Start 2 Part Part Part Part Part If u want my skype : By_TaSo_ Thanks
  5. I'm actually making a new map : The Start Some parts later (I'm really bad for the deco, but I tried to make something " good " )
  6. Yop, no it's ok man I finally find how to make it work ! But thanks
  7. Looks nice man gj !
  8. Text on the signature: #Akry Size: 600x200 Subject: Space, I like dat
  9. Hello, guys actually i'm making a new map and I want to put a skybox in this one. But I really don't know how to do And I'm looking for someone help me. Thanks
  10. 1. Nick in LoL: xByTaSo2. Region: EUW3. Your current division: Was Silver 3 but i will play in normal game only now.
  11. The funny video : The 4v1 :
  12. Dat deagle spray But good job man.
  13. Hey

    Thanks guys :3
  14. Hey

    Hello everyone So my name is Jordan I'm 18 years old, I live in France. Actually i'm not at school and i'm looking for a job. I playing this game since end of 2009 so yep it's been a long time. I'm enjoy playing different game like Lol,CSGO and that's all. Of course i've some others hobbies like biking and gaming For who don't know i'm Taso