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  1. I would give you a chance Good Luck!
  2. def. YES Bratan <3
  4. You know my answer so good luck :*
  5. no it was a mistake ... my bad dont worry look ^^ his name is rakan thats why
  6. glad you did that
  7. gl bratan! Ot menja DA!
  8. Yes from my side!
  9. Changed my opinion (: def. NO!
  10. gl wazzy! Yes from me!
  11. Yes I said that ... but I'm back I couldn't handle it longer then 1 Month ;D
  12. @ImpacT my JR for FoXX is already declined and I asked Allcapone to close it after I wrote the JR for MAD so (:
  13. Nickname: TRNDS77R or TRND77 Real name: Thomas Funkner Date of birth: 13.09.1997 Country and city: Pforzheim, Germany Contact info: Skype: funkner.thomas Discord: TRNDS77R#6519 Previous clan(s): Public Gamers / Soldiers of Destiny (pG' / SD|) [2012] - CoFounder iRace (iR|) [2012-2014 and 2016] - Moderator and Supporter Cool Shadows (-cS) [2016] - Member Master Players (mP') [2017] - Member Why do you want to join us? I want to be part of a big family with good and also friendly and helpful members. I want to get better in DM WFF / Alpha. Your Member Ininity is a very helpful and cool guy. He gave me some advice what I can do better in cutting and speedtricks. I want to help your team in CWs like WFF and Lucky7. I'm also finding and recruiting new member. I was always recruiting in my old clans to get new people introduced in the high level of MTA DM and to make my own team stronger. As a friendly and helpful member of the MTA community I'm always trying to find new friends and help people with their issues and questions in MTA or in real life. I'm a trustwothy person and also very loyal and always trying to stay in one clan until the clan shuts down How can you contribute to us? I want to help your team in the Lucky7 tournament and also in WFF clanwars. I am always willing to train maps for any kind of CW if its DD, DM or Hunter. It was always fun training with friends or on my own to get the best result as possible. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) I like playing videogames like MTA and PUBG. Sometimes LoL but that game is kinda boring after couple matches. I love Mapping in MTA and working now on my 17min HDM map. I have a vol.1 - sadly declined on FFS but i will not give up trying. I love Music - mostly EDM or Monstercat (Music Label) artists like Dirtyphonics, Modestep, Stonebank and KUURO. I'm more into "harder" music. You can contact me via Skype: funkner.thomas or Dicsord: TRNDS77R#6519 Thanks for reading my join request!