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  1. gl bratan!
  2. well true story if the admin is online and reading the chat (he wasnt afk) and still not making redo BUT on such random maps noone wants a redo hes just redoing it because HE wants. SO he gave 0 fucks at this moment ... its just my opinion and i dont think that this screen will show my "real" personality. I was not the only one complaining about the decision of this admin. Well thank you @Archie for showing me that I can have my rageous moments like every other player in MTA who doesnt agree with admin decisions.
  3. @ChaosJoy thank you ^^!
  4. Thank you guys!
  5. Nickname TRNDS77R Real name: Thomas Funkner Date of birth: 13.09.1997 (20 years old) Country and city: Pforzheim, Germany Also known as Gold City Pforzheim Contact info: skype: funkner.thomas Discord: TRNDS77R #6519 Previous clan(s): iRace (iR) (2014-2015, 2016-2017), Master Players (mP') (2015), Soldiers od Destiny (SD') (2012-2014), Cool Shadow (~cS) (2015) and several FFS DM Clans like Phenomenal Ones and Supremacy (Current FFS Team) Why do you want to join us?: I want to be a part of your family and I also have some friends in your clan like Kanzy and Infinity and also old member Pablow. I want to be a part of your DM Squad and also reach a new level of pro racing in WFF. I might not be the best player but if I train hard I can reach any goal I set. I try to become better and better. How can you contribute to us? I might be a helpful part for your family as I'm active and also contactable 24/7. I can help in ClanWars in DM WFF and also DM Alpha as I'm only a DM player. Infinity is also a cool dude cuz hes kinda teaching me some new cuts i didn't knew before. (Thanks for that bro) Tell us more about yourself: (optional) I am working richt now in a dormitory for diabled adults as a curative education therapists. I finished school after 12th class (gymnasium, high school). I've started to play MTA 2012 on TG and was introduced in DM. It seems fun to me so I started to play more and more. Then I found FFS Gaming and played there for some years and got better and better. I also tried shooter but it wasn't fun at all for me. Sometimes I play DD because why not it's a cool gamemode. My friends and I opened a DM server and played like 24/7 only MTA. But we were bored of MTA so I quit for 6 months in 2015. In 2013 or 14 we had a CW against iRace and we got invited to join them after the CW because we were quite good for "newcommers" in MTA so we spend lot of time there. I reached Moderator rank (Server Supportive Rank) but never had the chance to get Admin because iRace closed. ColdY and Hunter left the team and noone could lead the team so it got reopened by ReWrite some months later so I rejoined and had a more or less good time there. But then I was like "no I want something bigger and better" a good and huge clan! So I tried my best and also got invited to Phenomenal Ones. A great clan in my opinion but I was kinda inactive because of my final exams. So I got kicked and searched another Team/Clan. I played a lot with Baggio on FFS since he invited me to Supremacy and I got more contact to Infinity. He is a cool guy and helped me with some cuts etc. So I got the idea hey, I want to become better so why not joining the MAD family?! And now I'm here writing this Join Request for MAD. Thank you for reading guys! TRNDS77R Want to know something about me? Contact me via Skype or Discord