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  1. Nickname: Facuuzz Real name: Facundo Ramos Date of birth: 09-02-2002 Country and city: Argentina, Cordoba Contact info: You can contact me: Skype:live:facuuzzmta_123 Previous clan(s): LxG// | Left/Closed [TRD] | Closed [Korn] | Closed -|RM|- | Closed Why do you want to join us? Because it is a clan full of players with a lot of quality,and some players are friendly and would do anything to maintain that good community How can you contribute to us? I will do anything for the community. helping at clan wars,events and i can also provide some maps to the community and much more. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) It started back in 2010. I discovered this game on my own because I like GTA:SA a lot, and I thought it would be amazing to play online with other people.I started playing in FFS server because it had the biggest ammount of players between the DM communities, that’s the reason why it was the place where I have spent the most of my playtime since I came back to the game. There I learnt how to play properly in DM (my favourite gamemode), and met some of my actual friends That would be. My english may not be perfect, sorry about that. I’m constantly improving it as much as I can. Finally, thank you for reading my join request. The better way to contact me is my Skype: live:facuuzzmta_123 or forum PM, for anything you want to tell me. Kind regards, Facuuzz