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  1. Ufff looks DAMN awesome but I'd like to see in-game pictures if possible!
  2. Well, I doubt that. I've been using imgur for couple years already and never had such a problem!
  3. Try saving in PNG format.
  4. kidxdddddddddddddddddddhet
  5. It has always been nice to me to see this community grow, I've never been more interested in any community than Sixth Sense. I don't really have anything to say about the 2.0 yet but I am sure it will be better. Good days are not far anymore for Sixth Sense. Also, congratulations to all the new members! The new color is really really nice and better than the previous one!
  6. Seksi!
  7. Hey guys, I'd like to show you the official XpR theme I've made recently. Thanks to Flexxy for providing me a little help and most importantly motivating me to do this, love ya mate! It's available for use, let me know in personal if you want it! Download it HERE: ------------------------------------------------------------ How to install? Copy the images folder inside the rar file to C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\cgui Copy the Xtreme Pro Racers by SuhaibZ folder inside the rar file to C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\skins Open MTA and go to Settings > Interface and change Skin to Xtreme Pro Racers by SuhaibZ ------------------------------------------------------------ Regards, |-XpR-|SuhaibZ
  8. Such a stunning recruitment! Surely a tremendous step towards a successful future. All of these 9 guys were well deserved, Congratulations each of you and specially Swalox, Delete and Intrelex, hope you guys will be doing all well! I'm really happy for 6s, best of luck for your future! I'll still love to help you guys by being an active community member (or even with something else, if needed) even though I am not on the same way anymore, sad! It was a mistake I did regret so much, Best of luck guys!
  9. Siisti no hacks pls Besides @Canky should be excluded since that dumbass is in turkey and wasnt there last night Good Game oP =)
  10. Another thing which I forgot to mention earlier is that a challenging arena is required where you could even play alone. As the main reason why many people (including me) don't play on the server is that 'none' is there to play with so an arena which could be playable alone (just like Stuntage) would be awesome! *Sorry if that has already been mentioned.
  11. Thanks! This will surely be helpful.
  12. UFFFFFF <3
  13. Hello, I don't have much to say here because most of the things I wanted to share in this case, have already been said. Firstly, you guys have to explore your own server yourself completely which, it seems, you haven't. The reason is that by doing that you guys will be able to experience many bugs and difficulties there. One of the main bug is the ping tracking system, mainly it even works in the Shooter (I guess delta one) arena which is supposed to be an arena without any ping limit. Furthermore, when the map starts and you get spawned, still some map files are being downloaded which causes the ping to be extremely higher and you get kicked immediately ( on 3/3 ). You join the arena back and in not more than a moment get kicked again on a 4/3 violation. This thing keeps annoying you, 5/3 and I guess even 6/3 unless you join another arena and join back (works SOME times). I reported this bug along with another music bug some MONTHS ago and it still hasn't been fixed. Besides, the controls and commands on the server are entirely different which makes everything much complex. I guess one of the main ways to identify and resolve problems there is that you guys should visit your server more frequently. Also, if the team members themselves aren't much interested in playing on their own server, how can you expect other players to join?
  14. You forgot @Canky tho
  15. Good Bye mate, best of luck with your real life, I believe you will be able to resolve all your problens. Have a good time!