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  1. Guys... we're here to be happy and congratulate trials and not to show some unnecessary hate towards eachother. I think nobody wants you to continue this, so cut the fight here and don't ruin the news. Thank you and once again congratulations!
  2. Welcome everbody! El mejor news airpene
  3. Hello Participants! After 25 days we successfully finished the group stage peroid of the tournament! A total of 25 matches were played and one is still remaining from the original schedule. The 16th ranked team will have to play against the team which lost the first qualification match in order to advance. Qualification Match: Stage Date Time Match State Result Q TBA TBA No Waifu, No Laifu vs. Elite Players Upcoming TBA The 16 victorious teams that passed the groups are listed below, congratulations! Also congratulations to the ones who almost passed... or atleast showed up on matches! Thank you for participating, hopefully we'll see eachother in the next run of this tournament! Schedule will be posted once the new maplist is done. Stay tuned! 1-16. Overall Rank Team Group Rank Points Difference 1. Brothers of War 1. 6 40:0 2. The Comeback 1. 6 32:8 2. Black Box 1. 6 32:8 2. Eight Savages 1. 6 32:8 5. Neon Multigaming 1. 6 31:9 6. Phenomenal Ones 1. 6 29:11 7. Legendary 8 1. 6 24:16 8. Precision Z 1. 3 28:12 9. Cannibals 2. 3 26:14 10. OutlawZ 2. 3 25:15 10. Skilled Hungarians 2. 3 25:15 12. Hot Unicorns 2. 3 21:19 12. National Kings Crew 2. 3 21:19 14. Twisted Gamers 2. 3 20:20 15. Immortal Beasts 2. 3 18:22 16. Elite Players 2. 1 11:29 17-24. Overall Rank Team Group Rank Points Difference 17. Cute Kids 3. 3 11:29 18. The Flawless 3. 0 15:25 19. Finland is superior to Slovenia 3. 0 13:27 20. Noxious Pro Sense 3. 0 4:36 21. AMK 3. 0 3:37 22. Shooter Kings 3. 0 2:38 23. Force Out Xtreme 3. 0 0:40 24. SofaKingCool DSQ DSQ DSQ The teams were given an overall rank by the following statistics: group place, points and point difference (in this order). That means group place has the highest priority, while point difference has the lowest. For example, if you finished second in your group, you can't have a better rank than a team which has finished first, regardless the amount of points you earned or point difference. If you have the same group rank and points, point difference will decide. Regards, Sixth Sense MTT-II Team
  4. And the last one! Good job!
  5. Up to date. Well done!
  6. Updated. Hint for those who would like to avoid a free loss: if an organizer has been asking you "when can you play" for 8 days, maybe answer. Congratulations to Brothers of War for showing up on both matches! Incredible performance!
  7. Updated. Congratulations!
  8. Closed by request.
  9. Updated. Interesting group it was... I guess this is the first group where the 3rd placed team won the match against the winners. Not to mention that each team has finished with 3 points, making it extremely intense at the end. Congratulations!
  10. Updated, congratulations to the winners!
  11. Updated. SofaKingCool team has been disqualified for inappropriate behaviour throughout the whole match. That being said, Elite Players passed the group on the last place while Eight Savages won. Congratulations! Fun fact: Elite Players passed with the lowest point difference ever (with 11:29 point difference it is possible to pass a group even without a disqualification, but 10:30 isn't).
  12. Updated after the last match. Congratulations to those who have passed!
  13. Updated. Another really tough group... Sad that FISTS is out, they could've passed other groups... most likely. Hats off anyway!
  14. Finally I have a reason to disqualify Black Box! @Pablow & @airplaNe
  15. Hey! Welcome to the last part of the schedule! Last week we had a really successful peroid of this tournament with only 1 team not showing up out of 16. The last match of the second part will be played on Thursday, that's why we skip that day. However, this time you'll be able to play your match until next friday (that means you have 4 extra days to pick from if the schedule doesn't fit for your team). Single elimination part will begin after the next week & maplist will be announced accordingly. Group Matches (3/3): Stage Date Time Match State Result Group 1 13.08. 18:30 Cannibals vs. The Comeback Finished 8:12 Group 2 14.08. 18:30 Legendary 8 vs. The Flawless Finished 13:7 Group 3 14.08. 20:00 Precision Z vs. Hot Unicorns Finished 19:1 Group 4 19.08. 18:30 Phenomenal Ones vs. Immortal Beasts Upcoming TBA Group 5 15.08. 18:30 Brothers of War vs. Twisted Gamers Finished 20:0 Group 6 16.08. 18:30 Noxious Pro Sense vs. Neon Multigaming Finished 4:16 Group 7 18.08. 20:00 Black Box vs. Skilled Hungarians Upcoming TBA Group 8 12.08. 20:00 Eight Savages vs. SofaKingCool Finished 13:7 Cheers, Sixth Sense MTT-II Team