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  1. Ah, also, there should be no rank system in shooter, it's really bad in my opinion. Prestige system would be much more better.
  2. If you're interested in joining The Gamblers, to join you must have these requirements in order to join the clan, read these before making a join request and then just simply state why do you want to join our clan, how would you be useful to us, your location and your in-game name. - Mature, You don't talk trash to anyone or behave in toxic manner. - Able to communicate in english, so your teammates will be able to understand you. - Teamwork, You cannot be a lone wolf if you wish to stay in the clan. - Active, you have to be active in order to stay in the clan, inactive members will be kicked.
  3. "Hurr Durr, My name is xRAGE and i'm a smart-ass"
  4. Probably has been mentioned a million times but, a stable clan system, ranked and unranked clanwars, clanwar rooms for every gamemode, clan economy,etc. EDIT: And the reason why most players don't visit the server is because there are no players in the server.
  5. Mosquitoes, those cunts sucking blood from me harder than a 9 year old sucking a priest.
  6. Lol, cya soon boii.
  7. -

    wait what
  8. What's up with all these Sixth Sense members leaving, jeez... Anyway, have fun dude, smell you later.
  9. You should smile more Noxy