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  1. Some of you guys will still remain the coolest group of fellas I've met in this game. =)) Sad to see all of you parting ways, can wish you nothing more but luck for the future.
  2. just me casually smokin' one
  3. Congratulations Daigamindx & StormCrow
  4. I like you Pablow, and do you know why? Cause you go hard as a motherfucker. Should have used XXXanax instead of Dont test me tho
  5. Well deserved AP, congrats
  6. You too Roy? I'll miss you buddy, take care!
  7. Been a while, 6s!
  8. No respect towards pretty legends bro. Time to start finessin' 

    1. Replay


      I'm a legend either way bro

  9. Haven't heard of you in a long while Dinko, ever since we lost contact I guess. Amazing to hear that your absence here is justifiable in terms of improving your life, as well as yourself as an individual. Long story short, glad to see you're back brother.
  10. Woah... The weather of the map & the song really got me feeling like I'm on a trip. Nicely done!
  11. Seeing this just now, damn! I'm sure it feels enjoyable while playing it, especially with one of my "favorite artist"(s). Was expecting a different song though
  12. In no particular order: 1. Partyz 2. Zoilo 3. FanTa 4. Sebi 5. iRenox 6. Censor 7. obscure 8. G3orge 9. Sh0kkz 10. Kiwi 11. CubuL 12. WW
  13. Stay safe & good luck buddy!