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  1. what keeps me on the internet
  2. Welcome, have fun 'round here. OT: reading the text in Italic was a pain in the ass
  3. Here’s a pic where I actually look my age 🤪
  4. Tell me... Intel Dual Core 2.8, nvidia GeForce 240 500mb xD!
  5. 69/10
  6. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Kujtim, PavvloN ingame, a 17 year old living in Macedonia. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I started playing MTA during the summer of 2014, July if I’m not mistaken, at that time FFS was quite popular already so the first server I heard about was FFS. I played there for a long time after I found out about it but wasn’t interested to join it at that time, I was focusing on improving my Shooter skills, my English and my manners overall. That was the starting point for me, to be exact next thing that happened is 6s. I had never been part of any official clan before and iRenox told me he’ll be creating a small official team together with someone else with a server of 48 slots just to have fun (which turned to be something much bigger than that). I accepted right away, was looking for something like that at that time tbh. After that I realised that it is a clan with some of the biggest faces of MTA that I had dreamed of meeting/contacting them. So long story short, being part of the first 6s roster is the thing I mark as a milestone during my career. Have you been in any other clans?: 6s What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: Having mature, clever, down to earth teammates who are totally determined towards their goals (which in this case would be clan’s benefits) , who also know how to have fun from time to time of course is how I expect it to be. How would you be useful to us?: Knowing that I was an admin here before it’s of no doubt that I’m used to admin tasks. Considering that 6s is a big community it has a handful of stuff that admins need to deal with (especially with the 2.0 coming soon), I could take care of anything related to the forums, as you already know we organized STT together with some other 6s members/ex-members so I could help with organizing tournaments and stuff. Another thing would be the Shooter section, as I can see 6s barely plays any shooter clanwars anymore, I’ve also seen turbo/delete declining shooter clanwar requests, that could be changed, since shooter is my favorite gamemode. Something more to add: A bit of a short join request, excuse my laziness Hit me up on Skype if you’ve got any questions: live:pavvlon
  7. Ayy congrats bros @Sebi @Diinac @Wanz @Zocki edhe bravo shqipe @Kurato
  8. Some of you guys will still remain the coolest group of fellas I've met in this game. =)) Sad to see all of you parting ways, can wish you nothing more but luck for the future.
  9. just me casually smokin' one
  10. Congratulations Daigamindx & StormCrow
  11. I like you Pablow, and do you know why? Cause you go hard as a motherfucker. Should have used XXXanax instead of Dont test me tho