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  1. Please dont turn it to WFF. It’s been a long time since I last saw a decent DM clanwar.
  2. Each kill seems to happen while you’re backflying, imo hunter montages should include those kind of kills that rarely happen, I mean, we’re all able to backfly and shoot someone. Also, try to put less effects next time
  3. What’s about to come sounds sweeter than what we’ve had to taste before. Those stickers look sick, and I’m sure it’s the simplest thing of what you guys have in store. Congratulations to the trials, I think those are the individuals that would be competent and fitting to the team the most, for now of course! The amount of Shooter clanwars played seems worrying, I reckon you’re planning on solving that matter sooner or later Last but not least, I wish everyone a happy 2018, hopefully a new year without the remains of the last one.
  4. @FanTa
  5. hi pavvlon <33


    1. Pavvlon
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      know me pavvlon :D?


  6. use liquify next time, would'st'd've fitted better, my niBBa
    1. Zocki


      top 10 anime betrayals

    2. Partyz


      And you’re making a meme out of this while you could test 10 more



      my boi

  7. what keeps me on the internet
  8. Welcome, have fun 'round here. OT: reading the text in Italic was a pain in the ass
  9. Here’s a pic where I actually look my age 🤪