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  1. Hello guys. Some of you might already know me, I have been leading PiA, Pros in Action for a year. Sadly it was closed yesterday due to internal problems. Whatever, I am here to try having some joy. For the ones who doesn't know me yet, my name is Cengizhan, I am a Turk, 18 y/o and living in a city called Hatay. This was my last year in the high school, I am going to graduate in few days. I have a huge free year. My interests are mostly about virtual stuff. I have been playing MTA:SA for almost 7 years, or more. I prefer playing DM, and hunting sometimes. I think my most important skill in this game is scripting, been scripting for more than 5 years, started with editing some resources in the beginning. After a while, I was able to create some mini stuff. It was a real joy for me and I kept continuing. Now I am able to do almost everything. I am known with some of my maps and mapping tools, here are some of my latest works; Damage Control (ft. with KnOwN) Rumble 3 (ft. with ARmada, SakY and Royal) Object Controller - Mapping Tool This is my mini introduction, thanks for reading. See you around!