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  1. you forgot to add zurio congrats to the trials, @SheldoN ay nig don’t leave dis time ^^
  2. I usually stop watching map vids till 2 mins into the video, this had me to the end. Great comeback for your v13, loving the atmosphere. ps: too much deco between tracks tho :xx
  3. 10/10 hi neverino
  4. happy to see u back in 6s @JoinT <3, good luck for the future 6s !
  5. What we thought 2017 will bring in mapping.. What it actually brought Well done guys.
  6. Congrats @Danny and @Spotlight. ^^ The other trials too! Good luck in team.
  7. Credit goes to @SubShocK ^^ Thanks a lot 6s!
  8. It's not about being good or strategic, it's about the annoying fact that kmz ruins the game and plus heals the other guy. Tell me the fun in that? Probably you're right, but it might be more fun with anti kmz in my opinion.
  9. So we just keep running and try shooting from miles away? I'm not sure I totally agree with you or not but, Anti-kmz is helpful, And about trying to dodge, you can't always do that and it's annoying.
  10. Dunno if you've heard or played with anti kmz, it actually stops a person's rocket who's near you, or he's trying to kmz you. So I think you misunderstood me, I was talking about the script which doesn't allow a player to shoot a guy near him, that's how anti kmz works and that's how it'll make things better. PS: there's already a script so, I don't see the point of making it. Cheers.
  11. Hey, after playing on 6s I mostly think that the Shooter arena is missing something. Well, adding Anti-Kmz wouldn't hurt, would it ? Yup, I only had the idea of Anti-kmz. It's helpful and it stops some idiots who always kmz each other, So probably I'll be glad if anti-kmz is added to the Shooter arena. Thanks for reading..
  12. Skilled busted maps inc lmao. jk symon slow cop Thanks anyways Skaarj.
  13. How do I make a group/team which shows me as a member of that group/family. I found this, 


    So my question is, How do I make a group and If I do, can I invite players and will they a clan name on the top of their Ped/Car.

    I'll be glad if someone helps me, Thanks anyways.

    1. xAdidas


      You should donate to create a Gaming Clan, even $1.

  14. Amazing user panel. Keep it up guys!
  15. Hey there, It's a old release but anyway it's new for those who didn't see it. Recorded by : Smyx Enjoy the video guys, I hope I get positive comments. Thanks again for everyone for watching!