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  1. אתה פשוט לא מפסיק להפתיע Really impressive !
  2. So yeah, not many players (if at all) play in the server, for several reasons. The main one is the lack of players. Most of the players play in this old game mainly for spending quality time with their friends. When you playe together with your mates, you need only the minimum for making fun. How to get the players? it could be out of new events which contains prices, maybe something LookaT mentioned before: and new things, which contains spending time with other players, like cooperation. A quick example is daily couple/groups tournements in a specific gamemode, and the winner would win a price (not money in game, something more like an advantage in the next tournement, or choosing maps in the further competition), so there'd be more motivation to participate the next event. In brief, make something which comprise people's debates, conversations and such else.
  3. Not bad
  4. You forgot ft GOD ft JESUS ft ALLAH ft benzona ft zamudio ft annani fahis ft prostitutka
  5. Get the fuck out
  6. Hello there! מה נשמע אחי
  7. Aye mate
  8. Seems cool mates
  9. Really liked the first minute. Gl!
  10. gotta be interesting
  11. Finally ! let's have a good one peeps
  12. Not bad man
  13. Happy birthday man :cake::8:

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