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  1. Greetings !
  2. Hello man, welcome aboard !
  3. Awesome mate !
  4. Neverland 2 (Copy-paste from RiseR's topic) Watch in 1440p60 for better quality. Record and Edit by : Rise[R] Gorgeous map. Well done. Thanks to Andro for assisting - DeLeTe Want to know the song name? Here it is: Substact - falling Credits : Lights: Audi A7 By Nitron (REMADE by Blueray : Pasted in the Infernus) Infernus: RRecords infernus by Blueray (Private) The Crew Gaming intro - By RiseR RRecords intro - By RiseR some disclaimer info - RRecords does not take credit for any of the music uploaded on this channel. Please, do not issue a copyright infringement claim toward us. Everything uploaded to this channel is for promotion or entertainment reasons only. If you would like your song taken down and can provide proof you created the song simply message us for instant removal. Thanks. Cheers
  5. I'm proud of you mate, you've done a really great work !
  6. Didn't watch the entire match but the video explains pretty convincingly that it was rather challenging. Greetings for the victory !
  7. oh thank you for the new keyboard!
  8. Happy birthday brotha !!! :cake:

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      Thanks broooo! :D :monkey:

  9. 73 (0-500, like we got 500 people)
  10. Happy birthday man! (I'm from the future)

  11. Be strong and move it on man !
  12. Welcome aboard new nerds !
  13. Last bite.
  14. Good luck guys, have a pleasant time !