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  1. The fact it doesn't even have one object of decoration disappoints me.
  2. Indeed a loss for the MTA. One of the coolest team I ever known, and gladly dwelled in. Even though I enjoyed much more in the first version of eP, despite its minuses, the second one was absolutly as great as everyone expected.
  3. Happy Yom Kipur Jews!

  4. Welcome aboard old mate !
  5. Great map, but be prepared for my dual !
  6. The night style is really professional, well done ! Kinda disliked the track's performance, but basically it's a cute map. Good job !
  7. Hello Bart, welcome aboard and enjoy your stay !
  8. Good luck with the new year of school (the ones who do go, like moi) !

    Don't let the system fuck you up in the ass !

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    2. DLF


      Good luck! I want to learn something in this year xD


    3. Cykz
    4. DeLeTe


      @Zocki I'm a magician

  9. Good job out there! Since when can Zoilo play? huh
  10. Greetings Kadir!
  11. Welcome aboard mate !
  12. Welcome aboard Majd!
  13. Attack on Titans Death Note and obviously Sword Art Online
  14. You'd die against Littlefinger's hoes you noob