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  1. Looks like smth from Transformers movie lel thanks for sharing!
  2. 4/10
  3. Best of luck Elu
  4. First TfF, then Z, and now MAD... make up your mind before applying to a clan, a tip for you, dont get me wrong. Good luck anyways
  5. That comeback lol, super saiyan mode
  6. You can stay orange 4ever if you want ) Congratulations everyone and DeLeTe
  7. My favourite wild animal is: The DeLeTe, that is usually found in mountains, in the desert or simply dry places. What a magnificent creature.
  8. Didn't like the song, but well it is a nice record. Maybe make your logo a bit smaller (it distracts, at least me..). Good luck!
  9. Behazlaha yabenzona bo tmsos
  10. brosly?
  11. Good luck mate, I truly wish you the best
  12. Why are you not playing on the server? - Simply because there are plenty of servers with more players (I don't play mta because if the good maps, because there are none, I like more chatting around with others). What reasons do you have, to not play on the server? - Lack of players, the server looks good and all but no players=no fun. Is there anything we could change about that? - Not sure if there is... Maybe doing events such as tournaments and clanwars in the main server... Wouldn't write here anything if the server had no potential, but there is a potential.
  13. Well, with all the love - Game of Thrones comes first Good luck