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  1. Good luck mate, I truly wish you the best
  2. Why are you not playing on the server? - Simply because there are plenty of servers with more players (I don't play mta because if the good maps, because there are none, I like more chatting around with others). What reasons do you have, to not play on the server? - Lack of players, the server looks good and all but no players=no fun. Is there anything we could change about that? - Not sure if there is... Maybe doing events such as tournaments and clanwars in the main server... Wouldn't write here anything if the server had no potential, but there is a potential.
  3. Well, with all the love - Game of Thrones comes first Good luck
  4. Movie: Taken 3 Series: Vikings
  5. I would rather go biking. Would you rather be gossiped about or never be talked about at all?
  6. Welcome mate!
  7. Welcome Cengiz
  8. Hey Bugra cutieee
  9. 4:2 for Juventus (Israel believes )
  10. I've always thought about a translator script, it must be useful in many ways! Anyways, it's much better to play and gain 20 points instead of 1 point each map (just exaggerating). Well done!
  11. Wow, so much deaths! That's a really sad event... Pray for them together
  12. Got banned in ffs' server just in time for 6s' server Good luck guys, the scripters worked hard, respect the hard work!
  13. Score: 12:8 for 6s. MVP: Map winners: 1. Partyz 2. DRiVeR 3. F3NN 4. Ronaldo 5. RoNNiE for sure. 6. Ronaldo 7. F3NN 8. DRiVeR 9. F3NN 10. DRiVeR / RoNNiE The map winners and final score might not fit tho. Good luck boys.