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  1. Nice tag @InfiNity
  2. I've never seen you performing so well nor guessed you'll perform as good as you did @Wanz, you really surprised me there, great job. Thanks for the clanwar, would have been a defeat if I would play
  3. Give for free and I might take it ;=)
  4. Yes from kamen's side .
  5. Tentimes v6, UP.... too sheldonish Good luck
  6. ft. DeLeTe? Add me in Skype: delete.mta
  7. It's Zenosyne over there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Congratulations and good luck in 20⅛
  8. 4 points you mean, but doesn't matter. (Ok it does) Gg wp
  9. Yes, good luck a lot. Prepare yourselves!
  10. Looks like smth from Transformers movie lel thanks for sharing!
  11. Best of luck Elu
  12. First TfF, then Z, and now MAD... make up your mind before applying to a clan, a tip for you, dont get me wrong. Good luck anyways