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  1. This is gonna be good ^^ ps: ramy ez mvp
  2. About time really, Gz everyone ^*
  3. Name of the map: CresheZ v5 - Happy End Authors: @CresheZ
  4. expected " lowkey jk ofc Fanta lol" at the end but..
  5. Congratulations peeps ^^
  6. fok Med school, definitely gonna be there.. #HYPE
  7. Totally not ur day 6s! tho, It was fun and enjoyable to watch overall! ggwp everyone! #ripnormaldmcw's
  8. Username: 4yM Country: Algeria Gamemode: DM-OS-HUNTER Contacts (Skype/Discord): aymen.ouagued
  9. Daym, this server looks like my next mistake! gonna nolife the sh** out of it.
  10. I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone in the community a Eid full of joy and happiness ♥