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  1. You have found an amazing video. Sick.
  2. Join Request / ziPlet What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Oskar more known as ziPlet. Im 17 y/o student living in Poland. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: Everything started back in 2012. After playing for some time I found mutli game mode servers like 3R. I've spent a lot of time playing DM. In that time 3R Dm Squad was my main goal. Finnaly I applyed to 3R DM and got accepted once as a member and once as a leader. One day I thought that I should apply to a better team. And I found Divinity Gamers. Had a great time with them... They had to close the clan because of some issues. After that somehow I found Pros in Action which seemed like a nice clan so I posted my appy. Frist try and they've accepted me. I was PiA member until Divnity Gamers were re-opened. They've got a new squad. I got an invitation to come back. After DG got closed again I've never found a community that I really want to be in. Have you been in any other clans?: Yes. I was a member in: 3lite Racers [3R], Divinity Gamers [DG] and Pros in Action [PiA] What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: As I've experienced everyone here is so nice, helpfull and friendly. That's what I am mainly looking for. I want everyone to go further and further without stopping. I want you to think about tommorow not yesterday. You guys are good in every aspect, that motivates me to become better and better. How would you be useful to us?: I'm a mature and friendly person. Helping in Clan wars and with server as a administrator is obvious and on first place. But I'll try to help as much as I can and do my best for people who need it. Something more to add: I know that I've made a mistake... Last weeks were hard for me. I couldn't play as much as I played when I applyed first time. I had to think about what I'm gonna do with my MTA Career in future... Almost left it forever but I just can't. I want you guys to give me a second chance because I met here one of the best people from DM community and if that is possible I want to stay here to the end. Hopefully my person will be considered... Thanks for reading.
  3. Nice music in background
  4. Nice vid
  5. Looks nice. Sehr gut
  6. Pretty nice
  7. Join Request By ziPlet What's your name, nickname, age and location?: My name is Oskar also known as ziPlet. Im currently 17 years old and I live in Poland. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I started playing in 2012 on some open-world servers. After many hours spent I discovered DM / DD modes. I played it a lot on different servers. I was playing alone... without any clans. I learnt some basics of DM. Then I had a break from MTA. After I came back me and my friend started playing on 3R server. As I liked DM before I left MTA for a couple months I immediately decided to train. It took me some time to get on a good level and top time most of the maps. One day I thought Im enough skilled to apply for 3R DM Squad which was very good clan those times. I've got accepted to the team. I haven't stopped training ( Was a big nolifer at that time ) While I was playing 3R Squad was without leader so I decided to appy as a leader because you only live once. People accepted that. I was leading the team for some time then I left MTA again. But I came back. This time I met Qlimax and his team. They were very nice so I applyed for DG... Again got accepted without any complications. Im not a clan jumper so we played long together till they've closed the clan. I was feeling bad without team and community so my next Join Request was for Pros In action. Once again some time passed before I left. I decided to leave because Qlimax invited me to join his re-opened DG with a nice squad. I thought it'll be awesome playing with old friends again. Later on they had to close the team after all... Have you been in any other clans?: - 3lite Racers |3R| - Divinity Gamers |DG| - Pros In Action |PIA| What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: What I expect from Sixth Sense is first of all amazing atmosphere and awesome mood ( As I was talking with few of you guys on Discord and in game, its already very nice here ) I hope for well motivated members, great admins and community in which I can feel safe and proud non-stop. How would you be useful to us?: Im a nice, creative, friendly, always positive guy. I'll do my best to help as much as I can to make this team become better and better. As I've mentioned I was leading, administrating and helping people...I feel great in it. One more thing. I can't explain it better than FINN did. " I am a measure-twice-and-cut once kind of a person and that means I always think before I make any actions. " Something more to add: Im playing on Sixth Sense server for few days only. Hopefully it won't deceline me. Im playing a lot on other servers for instance TFF where I saw you guys too. My skype for any questions - theksq0, Im most of the time online on Discord Thanks for reading my Join Request... Hope you liked it! - Regards ziPlet!