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  1. haha .XD.
  2. u postin this in every single forum?kek @Partyz is a fucking idiot and rebel for pm'ing me and making me fail during a tournament yesterday; i really do hope he leaves me in peace otherwise he'll lose all my respect for him * Message from Partyz|6s: throw throw
  3. Final Score (|6s - -ffs-): 12-8 MVP: @Sebi ʢ◉ᴥ◉ʡ
  4. Tbh I really did expect TC to get a higher amount of points, especially when xN threw away some maps...kinda disappointed from you TG, I really thought Project Beast would be more dominant in this matchup....next time bros!
  5. no replay? wouldve loved to see this 2v2 tbh
  6. good luck TC, it'll be quiet hard against project beast for sure as both TG and xN are one of the strongest clans rightnow .
  7. 20??? what the fuck broo
  8. next time bro <3
  9. wish i could spec that cw, but was busy training for DGE..
  10. definitely yes
  11. i never use infernus mods, but ill definitely try that out
  12. gracias freundchen :------)