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  1. Relax Productions were said. 18/11/2017 (17:49) ".Hey guys! I'd like to present you "Till The Edge". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe via link :http://bit.ly/2fsz4qs Info Song name: ▷ Epic Hybrid Ivan Torrent - The Bounds of the Universe Credits: ▷ Infernus vM1cra v5 edited by NoHear ▷ Led Lights by NitroN ▷ Ultrathing 0.29a by Plooders ▷ Skype: masterzz99 Everything uploaded to this channel is for promotion or entertainment reasons only. Please, do not issue a copyright infringement claim toward us. I have no intention to make any profit on this song , but use it as entertainment. All the rights go to the producer(s) of this song. ▷ Sincerely,R3L4X productions.
  2. Hello there! today i wanna present you new a video about my next incoming map called "Power Passion". i hope you like it! don't forgot to leave a like and comment. Description About the map,I am working about the map since one month and i guess it's will be perfect for your elite eyes, if you don't want to watch it then go to suicide. because there is have very effort, I am not a perfect editor and I don't have good very quality a computer but I did my best. also I know what you think, why don't have any clan intros in the video, there is don't have any intros of the offical clans because it's a trailer video. Credits Led Lights: DarkFly's Blights Infernus: Micra Music: - Best Regards DarkFly
  3. I am present you a new map I made called "Outro" I have effort in this map so much. and i never used any scripts on the map, excluding draw distance and music. I hope you like it, enjoy while watching, and thanks for watching Subscribe Gerc's channel from link. Best Regards DARKFLY.
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    Life’s like a bird, it’s pretty cute until it craps on your head.

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