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  1. Up to 10 years in prison because It is a very serious criminal offense!
  2. I remember you from 2012, good luck dude
  3. I asked this bug already, I think ask is enough for fix this problem.
  4. Hey There, I wanna present you little a idea I made, I find an Idea while wander in the Sixth Sense forum, we can use a box for putting our own informations. It will be small a box and these members will be use this box in their own signature. after with that, you will have a good signature, also you can give your information to us about your next projects. the application will be is working easy, we will write our own message to box only. later, press enter or press into "complete" box, then transaction is complete. I will be show a example for you about this thread below already, and you seeing now you seeing for empty a box, the box will look like this before used. (fundamental) you seeing a box as used already, when the users will use this application their messages will be similar to like this. will be added the text only and you can use other styles too if you want. Other styles I made Sincerely regards @DarkFly#
  5. we can't see the name of players in the training mode, there is have a bug when we passing inside pickups. I didn't see any bug about scoreboard
  6. I want to celebrate 5 user's birthday here today! happy Birthday for this users! I wish you be happy, peaceful, everyday! @nGear 19 years old @Zeke 17 years old @MaRtiiN 17 years old @RixoN 17 years old @Zilion 17 years old Regards DarkFly#
  7. the players are created a career in other servers already, thus they are don't wanna create a new career in the sixth sense server.
  8. Not bad, keep it up
  9. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: my name is Atakan, my nickname in game DarkFly, I am 18 years old, I living in a little city called kayseri in the Turkey What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: my first server was DDC with my friend's request I forgot what server I started playing first, sorry for about it. I played here two years, then I left because I did started to playing in another server and I forgot who is founder of server, then I decided to leave than this server and I started to playing in tokyo drift server I played here almost 1 years then I found deathmatch game mode, I started to learning this game mode I started to playing in the TfF server when I learned full, I played here for two months then we created a clan with my dear friend it called *Deep Skills* "( *DS* ") we are was so good friends atleast for now, and we didn't fight until to create "(FfY|)" named Fight For You and one years later I found a deathmatch server named ffs, one day wandering in the ffs a player said we created a clan and he asked do you wanna join this clan. and i agreed, later I joined to this clan. we are was so powerful and invincible at least we were was think like that, @MAgNiTo @RockZ @GeroX and Other people I've forgotten, we are were defeat by a clan named AiR and all clan members did leave us but we were tried to keep alive the clan, but AiR was so popular thus I left too I did back to ffs server to play two months later I decided to leave the server decided started to playing Twisted Gamers for one month, I left the tg and I decided to leave mta for two years because for school. I did managing some little clans in the ffs gaming when I did back to mta two years later. and I stopped the managing in the 2015, I am playing in the ffs gaming sometimes as civilian. Have you been in any other clans?: SHC - Small Hustlers Crew; xG - Xtreme Gamers; Tsw - The Speed Warriors, ED - Eski Dostlar; FfY - Fight For Yourself; DG - Divinity Gaamers What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: joining with people together who support my ideas. thus we can make the clan better, Ever-changing ideas is confusing us. I am so loyal for this clan and I am seeing myself in the clan as a part, this clan is always full of very hard working workers. and I want to work as like a motivating workers too. I want to unite with a fully coordinated team and step into a better future. How would you be useful to us?: my hobby is designing, I am creating transparent images fast, I am one of the many people who are happy when doing favorite job. picture editing is my area, I can do whatever you want about designing as a best, I can create soft and quality png images for the next updates and unbounded clan wars informations. along with that I can help about player reportings, I can solve which player is innocent I can solve which player is innocent then I can understand the what's need of members thus I can solve the problem. I can help about graphic and designing too, it gives a plus in front of my nickname about this thread.
  10. I decided to cancel the join request I made for some family problems. because i did fight with my family thus I left the home, and I don't back again for to long time. it means I left mta. but at least maybe I can active in the forum everyday For a certain period of time. and I don't wanna give you chance unnecessarily. If i will make peace with my family I will create a join request into sixth sense again I hope we can come together soon as possible in the future again. Thanks for everything: SixthSense Leaders and all clan mates.
  11. Have fun!
  12. amazing map and good deco Gteatero
  13. welcome Dear @Cykz I am so happy when I see new users here.