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  1. Do not give Your love in every human, because the some people SH*T Selfish Egoist.

    angry faces 2.jpg

    1. LookaT


      An old Chinese once told me that.

  2. This is a slightly tougher word game.You need to make a sentence from the 3 words given in the first post. Rebel Respect Peace
  3. No more monkey jumping on the bad..

  4. " woah mate, you get it serious even you know it's just a game. but I'm really curious that who is that lucky one, by the way well played both teams.
  5. Hey There! today i'd present you the map called "Plush Nature" typically a smooth map really enjoyed make the map with the Donjohn. However there had a lot mistakes but fixed them out together. hope you like it! Thanks GercszTV for the recording)
  6. finally we can watch a clan war that worth it. good luck both teams
  7. dude you raped the community with your sales publication, people wont pay for it.. please go start to youtube or something different..
  8. "In addition to that,there are people out there who literally live with ZModeler" he is one of these people didn't a model for me but made this model available in GTA There it is. "From the mass effect "Reaper" thanks to @airplaNe for make this model posible.
  9. I prefer wear a shirt to the iron stack. Scotty look, you can't earn a lot money in the mta, you can try something another, nobody will don't want pay for it...
  10. 15 $ ? Dude the spoiler is looks awesome! but 15 $ means 56,172 TL in my country, can be purchased good a tshirt
  11. it looks insane! the wheels are looks perfect, like the wheels on subaru.
  12. Good luck both teams!
  13. amazing paint skills bra
  14. Dear Sixth Sense Community! today I'd present my new volume called Rough Surface, hope you like it! Record made by xNDRiVeR
  15. epic map, good luck Ronaldo