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  1. I see that some of you guys dont like my Join Request. So i deceided to edit it again, because i still want to join here ( Reasons in the text too ). I Hope you have time to read my JR again, where i changed my English a bit and the construction of the Text. Hope you like it now. Thanks for the Comments
  2. I edited my Join Request
  3. Nickname: *ZeRoN! Real name: Finn.H Date of birth: 12.12.2000 ( 17 ) Country and city: Germany, Niedersachsen (Emsland) Contact info: Skype: mr.heyhey2000 Previous clan(s): - -DG| - Divinity Gamers - ~xS// - Xtreme Skillers - Emp| - Elite Master Players - |Tsw| - The Speed Warriors - [Korn] - Knights of Red Night - |Dws| - Down with the sickness - nG// - National Gaming Why do you want to join us? I want to join because im searching an Friendly & Skilled clan.I want to play with my friends and with the other Clanmembers and to see/play clanwars. I want to learn from you all and find new friends. How can you contribute to us? I can't do specialy for the clan but maybe i can help in the clan war or play in WFF. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) Ok, as i told already my name is Finn.H i am 17 years old and from Germany. In my free time, i help my dad or my brother repairing Cars or something else. If i dont play Games like mta or Rainbow six siege i often drive bike or motorcycle with my friends or i meet friends at the weekend. Currently i'm in the working school where i learn Agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics, which means i want to repair Tractors and other Farming Objects MTA career: Okay, I started to play MTA in 2013 with the Gamemode Derby on FFS Gaming. I really loved that gamemode and i had a really good time there, but i only played Derby before so i didn*t knew how it is to play a gamemode like Shooter or Deathmatch. So i firstly started to play with shooter. After i stoped with Derby and saw that this gamemode brings me more fun like derby it did. Lately i got inactive on MTA and forgot my Login Details, so i was bored to play Shooter again, because i knew i had to start again and with that, After i deceided that i register an new Account there, i started to test Deathmatch. I wasn't that best but i knew i will be better if i play more and more. So i played and played because i loved that gamemode, because it was better than the other two gamemodes which i already tested on FFS Gaming. I got better and just tested out some other server too like FfY - Fight for Yourself which i saw on FFS before. I joined that clan after a short while and stayed there until the clan closed, because it was one of my first "real" clans. Some time later i joined |Tsw| - The Speed Warriors where i had a really great time with that friendly and skilled team. Lately my friends Ronaldo and Novice got kicked, which i couldn't understand and deceided to leave too. Just a few month later (2-3 month) i joined [Korn] - Knights of Red Night where i found cool and friendly people like Shenox too, but i just left after they deceided to fuse with SoR - Squad of Revolution. I think my text is getting bored so i try to say short in which clans i joined then. After Korn i joined nFw - No Fucking Way, but i left after long time because every guy in the clan was inactive except 2-3 People. Then Oxy asked me to join |Dws| - Down with the Sickness and directly accepted it, because there were many of my friends. The Clan closed, because some players left it and then i joined xS// - Xtreme Skillers where i joined two times, because it was a really nice clan where i found the mosts friends which i have in mta,which was one of my reasons too why i joined xS two times. After i left the first and secound time i joined nG// - National Gaming, where i joined, because i was bored of the game and just played if my friends played other games which i dont have or don't like. I'm still trieng my best to join MAD. This is the edited version of my Text and Thank you for reading my Join Request again, because i wont give up to join here.
  4. Hello Essense of Speed community Nickname: *ZeRoN! or //ZN! Location: Germany, Niedersachsen Age: 15 (12.12.2000 ) How long have you played MTA:SA?: I started to play in 2013, so i play since 3years Why do you want to join EoS?: I want to join EoS, because there is always anybody online, skilled players and nice Player What do you expect from us?: Hard question, i think that i will have fun with everybody of the clan and have a nice atmosphere.