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  1. awesome as always Breaker! I hope one day we can make a map together
  2. Yo Subscribe to JohnY's channel Thanks JohnY I loved the video <3
  3. https://mtamapping.weebly.com/about.html May be outdated
  4. I would never want to play it but gj for creativity
  5. Nvm. I found just the right partner

  6. Searching for 3 ppl to help me finish a map. Track's got 2:30mins.

  7. k so I think I'm back once again lol

    1. Spotlight


      Sweet :D

      This looks like a new account. Where is the old one ?

    2. ~Never


      @Spotlight that's the old one xd.

    3. CheiN


      Welcome back again

  8. It was actually recorded by Rizom but he removed it from youtube (idk why lol). Anyways thanks for the record bro loved it <3. Nice to see people actually like one of my maps
  9. I wish I could play more...

    1. Zocki


      But you ~Never play

  10. sux! jk luv u <3