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  1. Hey...What do you expect from MAD as a "clan"?
  2. Sooo, Gerix. Looks like everyone is pretty positive about you Welcome to MAD!
  3. So finally! I can say, welcome to MAD
  4. I am confused. You said you "quit" mta in your last jr?!
  5. Topic locked to prevent more discussion. Solve your problems in private messages maybe.
  6. If even Kanzy is positive, I'll be positive as well
  7. Wow I've read it all, dude u got some enemies there Honestly? Our family had enough of drama the last years and I am happy that we have peace now. We don't need more drama again, means I don't think we need you in our middle. Best of luck to you that you find your place and build a stable personality. Greetings
  8. Denied, sorry.
  9. Glad you wrote the JR! Wish you good luck
  10. Didn't really matter, how could he know.
  11. I am positive about you! Good luck
  12. Carmy! If you bring pizza, or at least spaghetti..would like to have you around Good luck!
  13. Yigi hey (: Nice to see you! Would like to see you with us, so obviously yes from me ;P
  14. I've no idea who you are, which makes it pretty hard to "vote". Another german in mad tho, kamen would ragequit for sure