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  1. Name of the map: BlastPit 2 Author(s): Skaarj
  2. Username: Qwince Country: Germany Gamemode: Deathmatch Contacts (Skype/Discord): paul.naebers
  3. hard map with cool decoration, we don t see that often ! good job !
  4. Thats a cw i am looking forward to watch it. Good luck both teams.
  5. I think that the most people are knowing how backwards is genarally working they just need to practice it, anyways nice tutorial for those who didn t know anything about this theme.
  6. Ye you did a great job. I like the most of your skins and lights but i have to say that the 6S led reminds me on a forbidden symbol of a dictatorship.
  7. Welcome to this community Kamil. Landscape architecture sounds interesting, good luck with this. I hope you will find a place here.
  8. That the clanwar i was waiting for @next, good luck both teams in case it will get accepted !
  9. wow you really putting much work into this community can t wait to play on your server !