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  1. Hello guys, I would like to introduce myself a bit, so let's do this. My in-game name is *Chow and my real name is Balazs. I live in a small town of Hungary. I'm 19 years old. In this year september month I moved a high city because of two reasons. First is my university studies, and the second reason is I'm not a child now and I need to try to live without my parents. Now I have a normal size house, near the university, so I'm a bit lucky because of this. In my freetime I like to play computer games and play ball games in outdoor. My favorite ball game is a football and my favorite football team is a FC Barcelona. I'm work now. My family have a informatic company. In here, I make 3d models, I configure websites, I clean some soundtracks, and I do some smaller works.(but I'm beginner a bit) My MTA career started back in 2012. At first I tried to play in a lot game-modes. My first favorite game-mode was a Shooter. I got a lot experience and friends in here. I finished my Shooter career in 2013 summer. At the same time I started to play in Deathmatch. Since this time I found the perfect game-mode for me. I played in a lot game servers, for example ffs-gaming and xtreme pro racers community. Besides that I played in some training servers too..for example JG. In these places I got a lot experiences.Since I've been playing,the best thing is probably,that I got many friends and after that i was not alone. I played in some smaller teams, for example eXe(race),HungarianTeamGaming(DM and it was my own team),Legendary-Squad(DM). Thanks for reading Regards, *Chow
  2. oh it looks like beautiful, good job guys!
  3. ~This is my Laptop specifications~ Optional: Mouse: Spirit of Gamer SOG Souris Xpert-M8 Headset: SteelSeries Siberia v2 Keyboard: Spirit Of Gamer PRO-K5 (I use laptop keyboard, but if I play tournament or "teamwars" I use this keyboard)