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  1. good luck amk
  2. Good Luck Best bro <3
  3. + i Love you eyebrow shacle
  4. 2jz Toyota Supra <3 What is your favourite e-Sport team ?
  5. Awesome record, keep on job dude <3
  6. Nickname: My nickname is Cravel Real name: My name is Rıdvan Eminoğlu Date of birth: I was born in 09.09.1999 Country and city: I'm from Turkey . I was born in Bursa but im dwelling in Antalya now . Contact info: You can contact me at ; Facebook : Steam : Whatsapp :+905427147249 Previous clan(s): FFG. - Fast Fire Guys ~xS// - Xtreme Skillers |-nTL-| - Nothing to Lose *Q1. - Quantum Singularity AMG| - Amazing Mapping & Gaming [Korn] - Knights of Red Nights Why do you want to join us?: The main reason I would like to join MAD is because the clan and also the community is completely different of others .I want to be in MAD because I like the community .I got so many friends in clan in a little time and they are so friendly also they are playing DM very well .And I would contribute to team and add effort to clan . How can you contribute to us?: I can help in clanwars , i have some mapping skills so i can help in members mapping , scripting . Tell us more about yourself: Let me tell , I'm a hardworking highschool student .I'm working in my daddy's bread shop as a shop assistant after school .After work i play MTA or CS:GO for 4-5 hours .I'm a football player in a Turkish amateur football team .I like riding BMX (so unskilled xd). I am very interested with cars . Thanks for reading . Best regards .