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  1. Thank u very much zoilo, the edit is very beautiful and I honestly like it a lot.
  2. I think I know you, but I dont know... Hey
  3. Well, I definitely did not expect this however this is probably the first time I've been this excited for something that comes at this magnitude. Thankyou 6s! CONGRATS TO THE OTHER TRIALS TOO LOVE U
  4. Name / Nickname / Age / Location: Hello dear readers, I have been given the name Tom, currently I am over the brink of my 18th birthday, pursuing and hopefully reaching my 19th. I currently reside in the United Kingdom howevere I originate from Latvia which is back in Eastern Europe. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: If I wanted to be brief and write it shortly, most significant parts of my MTA career would most probably be joining the teams that I actually managed to join and finding the correct friendship amongst some people. Anyhow I'll get into it with a little bit of detail. I started off playing MTA way back in 2008 when I pretty much got out of diapers (joke), it was a weird journey because I started playing it with a friend and I did not know what is going on. It was GTA San Andreas with multiplayer. Now, back then I had no clue of ''Deathmatch'' so I just messed around in freeroam servers. Over the course of past years I have been a part of several bigger teams and clans. I managed to get the Empire of Riders team to accept me within their roster which was a big thank you to Sk2 and several other friends. Later on due to some difficulty within the team I decided to leave after being partly kicked but there is a reason behind everything. After ER I did not look for a new adventure to be honest until I stumbled across the VIP guys, not knowing how it all would end I ofcourse as many others got attached to the clan members as well as set myself a goal of trying to join the team which I succeeded where I met good papoles (Basti, Anton, Promoe and many others). As you all know VIP went down and we kind of sunk with it (I left). Later on since we were good friends with Empty/Diinac we managed to book a spot onboard on the TFF ship which I am very grateful for because I'd never expect myself to be in a team as such however that boosted my overall confidence as well as my general experience of being a team-based player and a community member. Past Clans: We all have had minor clans that I shall say are quite ''irrevelant'' but my most experience-boosting and most-impact leaving clans were; Empire of Riders Very Important Players The Favoured Few Expectations within Sixth Sense?: I'll keep it short and brief. I expect to both me and the Sixth Sense team to grow together and evolve because it definitely has the potential, its just not hit that sweet spot yet, but surely it will! I also expect that the 6s guys will allow me to reach my full potential as well as allow me to boost my own confidence. Also, to kick Fanta lol. How would you be useful to us?: I have repeated this time and time again where it feels like its just being mainstream but I am probably an unuseful person when it comes to design or such things, I mean, I have some skill but I'd say that it isn't enough which leads me to my next point; I assure that I am VERY useful within the community terms, I am a great talker, I ofcourse can troll around but in all seriousness I can be a very mature person that can deal with a lot of intense situations. I can easily manage the forum in terms of keeping it clean from all these spammers slash people who trash talk without any need etc. I am most probably most useful there hoping that if I do manage to join, you all will help me boost my experience and confidence as mentioned above. love Something more to add: heres a little poem i call ''Jungle''. Pidgeons should collide, Zoilo is a freak; I love pancakes, I will not continue to speak. adios mi amigos. enjoi.
  5. literally what zoilo said, because nobody is playing, why should I join on my own not having granted a person to even come communicate with me???? its sad because i used to 24/7 this server and the hype died and well so did the playerbase.
  6. i feel like zoilo had the logic, if you can't beat them, join them. nice bros gj
  7. i good infarnus driver too) put in 1st gear and go vroom 15 mph !!! CraZy SpeEds. hi curley
  8. holy fuck wattup my g diinac, lets talk
  9. tff pretty much.
  10. stole it from quantum
  11. can someone tl;dr
  12. probably one of the gayest forum games i've come across anyhow i'd have basti, zoilo, ngear, czechoslovakian sam, obscure, young pavvlon and varex cus they still g's @Pavvlon @obscure. @sleepwalker @nGear @Varex @KATSU @Zoilo stack me them likes boys. i wanna get likess lololololo
  13. not fast enough lmao.
  14. not oldschool VIP at all.