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  1. Congratulation to the new members! I hope them pass trial period I'm looking forward to see how 6s will innovate again with the amazing developers that you have and the help of this fantastic community! 2018 have to be your year! I hope that I can "feel it too" again and be in love again with this wonderful team like I used to be. I will try to add my little grain of sand for help you <3 Have a nice Year!!! Cheers, Martin Faraguna (Css)
  2. Guau, carry me global plzzz
  3. I love it <3 Good job guys!
  4. 0/2*4+2
  5. In my opinion it will be good, no more than 1 redo per map.
  6. Todaaay!
  7. Welcome Jappax! He didn't lie about the sv
  8. Username: CssWachin Country: Argentina Gamemode: Deathmatch, Hunter. Contacts (Skype/Discord): martin.lalsldlf
  9. It looks really awesome and clear!!! Nicely done developers
  10. :c

    Cry with me :c http://how.icryeverytime.com/
  11. Really? I can't believe it. Leave 6s because you are not playing MTA (at the moment, because you will come back when 6s server open). Everyone have the moment which don't want to play mta. I don't know how did you take that hard decision. Anyway, have fun with another game
  12. Awesomee!!! Now with StratTrak I can count how many times I die :DD