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  1. Kames goes MAD every clanwars XDD
  2. After MAD left, I played with few people but before most of clan played a lot of cw. I think It's easy to make a Fake JR. What will consider to join to clan that doesn't know nothig about you, about your skills? Making a Join Request where the Leaders know about me, it is more easy to join instead of wasting months waiting and get declined.
  3. I didnt tell about eP! because I was going to tell him to close, but I forgot while playing. I think MAD know me, clans outside DDC doesnt know me and making JR to these clans will be hard to join, because I only play in DDC. I know what it is. I have been in a lot of clans, most of them closed.
  4. for now I can't say what I can help
  5. I was about to send a pm to you close my jr
  6. Nickname: Japa Real name: Jhonata Date of birth: 25.05.1998 Country and city: Mogi-Guaçu/São Paulo/Brazil Contact info: jhonata.kumaki Previous clan(s): FAPL FBi SD KRO ep! EP Why do you want to join us? I want to join MAD because its a good clan since DDC, has good player and trying new stuff. How can you contribute to us? I can help in clanwars. I give my best to each clanwars, training and playing. Tell us more about yourself: I am loyal.