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  1. Welcome to @Sixth Sense!
  2. Hey & welcome. I would like to ask what happened with your previous account? LINK
  3. 2pro
  4. First clanwar without @FiNN's and @RoNNiE#'s participation, didn't know the squad could win a match without them but you proved me the opposite, if they both played as they always did the score would be much more different for sure but still, thanks to our opponents for marking a memorable match in our clan war history and indeed to our beloved team for showing great performance.
  5. Reopenned by author's request.
  6. Welcome to Sixth Sense!
  7. Welcome to Sixth Sense!
  8. Hey @CruSheXx, thanks for applying to us, though, we have our own application format which you should have followed, please read the topics that I mentioned below and revise your application if you want to make it valid.
  9. This application has been declined, try your luck at next recruitment.
  10. Where is AMG or these "few other clans"?
  11. Is this your final edit? @LTNeW
  12. Hello @LTNeW, thanks for applying to Sixth Sense, though there are few things that I want to clarify here. First of all, the application itself doesn't show any ambition of joining the team, lack of effort which ended up with low quality application. Second of all, In such serious thread, if there is a question then it must be answered unconditionally, hence saying few other clans is invalid. Third of all, It is obvious you didn't understand what this question requires from you, I would highly recommend you to check following threads, Join Request Template & Read this before posting a Join Request. Revise your application as soon as possible, thanks in advance.
  13. What does that mean, you are applying to a clan whereas you are in a clan already? Please clarify that. Also I would suggest you to revise your application, add more information otherwise it won't get any attention. Read these two topics, they will surely help you, Join Request Template & Read this before posting a Join Request.