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  1. Hey Cyx =)
  2. Hello @Moamen, such application isn't tolerated here, most importantly your English knowledge is weak for our community and also there is not enough information in your application, therefore I have to decline this application. Try your luck in the future with a normal application.
  3. It was an honor for me to communicate with such legend, one of the greatest persons I've met in MTA, good luck Zomi, hope you will join us back one day, take care pal.
  4. If you really think there was a need to confirm @Pentaroyidx's evidence then you are mistaken, if you have something more to add feel free to add if no then leave the report thread please, there is not a need to repeat the same thing. Thread has been locked, you will get a response as soon as possible.
  5. You probably have wrong opinion about our community, and if you really think that way I don't understand why would you make an application to us but whatever, only @FiNN can answer to this report more detailed since he is in the DD group and also as I see he was online when you took the screenshot, wait for his reply please. If you have nothing related to this please keep the report clean guys. Seems like you made the account to just post this, you better show logs otherwise its not valid.
  6. I'm not sure if its still available though.
  7. Welcome @HikaruEx, enjoy your stay!
  8. You need to make a group here - Gaming Clans First of all you need to be contributor to have an ability to make a group there, once you have done it you will need to wait for someone to refresh the server.
  9. Another year has passed away and we are still together, its really honor for me to be around these legendary members, every of them became one important piece of this puzzle and I am sure with them we will reach every goal we planned. Congratulation @Sixth Sense, more successful years are about to come.
  11. Welcome @Loura, enjoy your stay!
  12. Welcome Max. Enjoy your stay!
  13. Old pal, welcome to Sixth Sense
  14. You are mistaken again, another fake application will get you banned in our forum, declined.
  15. At least you could hide this, don't know what kind of joke is this but this is the full copy of @[X]press's application, thus, this application has been declined.