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  1. yo Mohan[D] is here & I will give you my request to join Enjoy reading Who Are You : my name in the (game&real life) is MohanD .. My country is Saudi Arabia and I live in a city called (Riyadh) iam 20 years Your MTA Career : It was my start in this game in 2009 It was a very ordinary start, of course, the beginning of any Arab player to play in a shooter or game called (Hajjuallah) So that he does not know about DM Because it is not particularly popular with Arabs, such as Shooter or Hajjuallah ,, But after 3 years I discovered that there is a stage of play called dm I used to play Arabic servers because non-Arab servers are not very popular .. A year later my friend told me there were some non-Arab servers but very nice It is these servers -ffs- |-TG-| |-XpR-| #ER And I've been playing most of my time in these servers with my friends What was your previous clan(s) Which rank did you have? Why did you leave: (KRO) - Co-Leader - Closed -[DP]- - Member - Closed [DDC] - Member - left [because of that founder He did not treat me well] -SpR// - Member - closed *W/ - Member - kicked BG| - Member - left [because the clan was a little strange] UpG| - Member - closed [FOTL] - member - Closed PwN - member - closed EF - member - closed Why did you choose MAD as your prospective clan, why do you want to join : Because I see it as a distinct clan and I want to be part of it What are your expectations from MAD : I see it as a clan that aims to advance and aspire to be the best clan How can you help for our community : My skills in Hunter are excellent .. I also make DM maps Additional information : You can communicate with me via Skype : Mohan[D] MTA Some My Maps Tell us more about yourself: (optional) : Hello my friends how are you. I will give you some information about me. I'm a university student studying at a university named Umm Al Qura Best Regards MohanD