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  1. thanks bro
  2. thank you bro
  3. assist Dybala
  4. No bro i understand all good
  5. I'm open to stay in a clan even without CW's. The main reason was that our team knew 1 month before that we will play. But even that everyone knew that we play, some players just didnt come or went afk without any reason during the match. It's not Dog's fault but this situation happend many times.
  6. i'm very thankful Dog, i wish u and VIP the best in the near future! Love u all <3
  7. - | Dybala's Join Request | - 1. Nickname(s), real name, age & location?: [My ingame name is Dybala] My name is Tim, I'm 19 years old, and im currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. 2. Tell us a bit about your MTA story: I started playing SA:MP / MTA when i was 14 years old (2012). I used to play on roleplay and reallife server, after a while i decided to look forward for something new and i found this gamemode, i've met many nice people, and enjoying my time while playing. 3. Previous clans and why you left them: >VIP< Gaming (left) (Member) - left because of unorganized cw's 4. Why do you want to join us? The main reason of my application is spending more time in a family (clan) and mta, or even meeting some new people, improving my WFF skills and DM skills with the team members (who are known as good in that), and basically be more connected to new people. 5. How can you contribute to us? I'm not an selfish guy, i'm fair, & i always try to be nice to every person i meet. But for sure am i also a good player who can help the team with my passion and experience in WFF. 7. Additional information: I just finished my college degree, i will start my education on the 1st of September 2018 next year. Football is my passion, im a huge fan of the german club Borussia Dortmund. But im also interested in Basketball and MMA, but the biggest part in my life is to spent time with family and friends. Thanks for reading, Sincerely yours,
  8. calling it soccer for american people
  9. I just finished my college degree and will start an education to a "social occasions employee"