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  1. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is yosef, My nickname is jacos , Iam 17 years old , Iam living in Oslo , Norway What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: By joining a random server's and checking what kind of game i like but simply i liked DM and shooter but actually i liked shooter more than DM i dont know why but maybe because i got much friends there, And actually they learned me how to controll the car and shoot and some techniques and also they teach me some shooter tricks and also my significant parts that i joined many shooter clanwars and that makes me more experince in shooter life Have you been in any other clans?: Sure, No Limit = nL Lovers Challenge = Lc Kings Of Controls = Kc Deserts = D# Elite Fortress = EF What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: Sixth Sense from the best communties i have ever seen in mta i expect that they have a specially scripts and also the community has mature and cool and friendly people and also skilled players and iam glad to be from 6s member and i hope so How would you be useful to us?: Mostly, i can help in shooter clanwars , because i have experiences in the clanwars , Also iam so active in mta also when i was in my team i was leading it and iam always ready for any clanwar anywhere anytime Something more to add: I hope u guys enjoy my jr and sorry if my jr are so small but iam really like 6s , and thanks
  2. Type: Shooter (GK-Jump) Date: We Will Decide Time: We Will Decide + add me skype ali.shahawi Server: Sixth Sense: Shooter CW Server Or Kings Of controls server Players: 3 players // 3 reserves Maps: x10 ADiDas-Burst Rounds: 20 |6s (Sixth Sense) Players: - - - - - Reserves: - - - Maps: - - - - - [Kc'] (Kings Of Controls) Players: -ZEK -Flame -jacos - - Reserves: -Hock -Sn Maps: -x10 addias -burst - - - - Rules - Only players named on the list are allowed to play. - Any kind of insults/provocation will NOT be tolerated. Please, restrain from doing so otherwise you will be muted. - Using VPN or any other program that may affect the gameplay is strictly forbidden. - In case of a draw, there will be 2 extra-maps played, each team picks one map. - Clan with last surviving player(s) will get the point. - If you keep staying(camping) on suitable objects to kill the opponent for longer than one minute, your vehicle will be blown. - In case a player times out before the map starts, we will wait for the player for 5 minutes, if the player hasn't come back, we will re-play and continue the match. - In case a player times out during the map, we'll continue playing. - FPS: Minimum - 30. Maximum - 50. - Ping: Maximum - 230
  3. Type: Shooter [Jump Without Gk] Date: 27/8/2017 Time: 10:00 GMT +2 PM Server: Sixth Sense: Shooter CW Server or in our server Avengers Elite Players: 3 and 1 reserve Maps: - Adidas-burst Rounds: 20 |6s (Sixth Sense) Players: - - - - - Reserves: - - - Maps: - - - - - [AE] (Avengers Elite) Players: -Seo - JaCoS - s6o - - Reserves: - Feo - Maps: - Adidas Burst - - - -