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  1. I decided to close the JR. Thank you for the friendly atmosphere.
  2. Happy birthday man

    1. ZoeN


      Ahh thanks! :D sorry for late reply

  3. I would love to visit Mekka. I love my religion.
  4. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, My name is Emir, In-game knowns as RevolutioN. I am from Turkey and I am 18 years old. I live in Edirne. I know 2 languages (Advanced) "Turkish-English" and learning German. I like to play football, watching series and films, hanging out with my buddies and reading books. I am fond researching historical world leaders. I play a lot games like Mount & Blade : Warband , CS:GO (I play it very well) , GTA V etc. I am fond of fishing, hunting wild animals with my dad and studying alone. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My adventure with MTA began in 2010. I've been playing with my friend in freeroam servers, but nothing worth your attention happened. The real adventure started when I found DD. I have joined many clans and had so much experiences. My first clan was 3R. During the clanwar, i got kicked cuz of chatting because i wrote stop but they continued to play and killed me. Then, I met with Slayer and created our own clan ChaO. I was responsible for DD squad. We played 51 DD clanwars, we won 43 cws, 3 loses and 5 draws. However, other dd players didn't win any clanwars without me. That means i didnt played at clanwars what we lost. I had great time there but Slayer invited fake players so I argued with him and decided to close the clan. Some time later, I made a JR for #MvP! and got accepted. Didnt experience anything there because clan was closed not long after I joined. Long time later, I wanted to try again for |FT| and I made JR for and got accepted. My family was there. I had really great time and made relationships there. My friend Juan taught me to play hard DD. Unfortunately leader decided to close it 2 months later and that made me so sad cuz %80 of my DD life was there. Later, i joined >VIP< , played few clanwars but leader and scripter fought and got closed too. My 2 friends were in nTL and i joined ntl too. We have played many clanwars and had fun there. But 1 month later i left because of a co-leader. Weeks later, I was watching my friend's clan's clanwar (LS). He invited me to join and i couldn't break him and I joined to [LS] and had much experiences and made great relationships there. But i argued with a member and left the clan. Then, i was only playing in [wG] server and [wG] leader invited me to the clan and i accepted his invitation. But no one was active so i didn't stay much time and left. And now I'm here, with the shade of hope to join this wonderful community - Sixth Sense. Have you been in any other clans?: Yes, I have. You can see them there: |FT| Fellow Team | Member | Closed. |-nTL-| Nothing to Lose [x2] | Member | "Left because I argued with a member." CH4# ChaO Holigans | Leader | "Closed because i had no time to manage a clan." [wG] Wizard Gamers | Member | "Left because of inactivity." #MvP! Most valuable Players | Member | Closed. >VIP< Very Important Players | Member | "Left because dd members left the clan." [zGs] Zero Gravity Stunters | Trial | "Left because of inactivity. [LS] Lightning Strike | Member | "Left because of personal problems." What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: First of all, I am looking for communicative, friendly, respectful, serious and successful clan. If we consider what I said, this clan is Sixth Sense. In 2016, I watched Sixth Sense's clanwar and i was impressed. The things i watched were patience, teamwork and success. After i watched that clanwar, I imagined to be part of 6s and thought many dreams about this. And now, I am here to be a part of Sixth Sense. How would you be useful to us?: I rate myself as very positive, mature person with sense of humour, so I can bring good atmosphere. I am experienced DD player so i can help you at clanwars. Moreover I have a lot of free time, that means i can be active in game and forum. I am able to make dd maps if you want. I can bring you success. I can bring you friendly atmosphere. We can beat modders together because "a teamwork can beat everything". Something more to add: Thanks for reading my join request. I apologize if you got bored while reading it. emir.marley.bullet22
  5. That was my first map, I was 13
  6. Great job.
  7. Try to hear your enemies' steps.