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  1. 1. FiNN 2. JoinT 3. Pentaroyidx 4. JuanFraN 5. Fares 6. AQUERTiEX 7. Akinnes 8. FanTa 9. KacaK 10. RemTek 11. Rashed 12. Kiss
  2. Arrogant girls
  3. Good job
  4. This video contains my best moments in DD.
  5. Hi guys, this is my new DD video. I am sorry, I couldn't record it HD because of my computer. Next time, i will work about it.
  6. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: Hello, My name is Emir, In-game knowns as ReyneX. I am from Turkey and I am 18 years old. I live in Edirne. I know 2 languages (Advanced) "Turkish-English" and learning German. I like to play football, watching series and films, hanging out with my buddies and reading books. I am fond researching historical world leaders. I play a lot games like Mount & Blade : Warband , CS:GO (I play it very well) , GTA V etc. I am fond of fishing, hunting wild animals with my dad and studying alone. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My adventure with MTA began in 2010. I've been playing with my friend in freeroam servers, but nothing worth your attention happened. The real adventure started when I found DD. I have joined many clans and had so much experiences. My first clan was 3R. During the clanwar, i got kicked cuz of chatting because i wrote stop but they continued to play and killed me. Then, I met with Slayer and created our own clan ChaO. I was responsible for DD squad. We played 51 DD clanwars, we won 43 cws, 3 loses and 5 draws. However, other dd players didn't win any clanwars without me. That means i didnt played at clanwars what we lost. I had great time there but Slayer invited fake players so I argued with him and decided to close the clan. Some time later, I made a JR for #MvP! and got accepted. Didnt experience anything there because clan was closed not long after I joined. Long time later, I wanted to try again for |FT| and I made JR for and got accepted. My family was there. I had really great time and made relationships there. My friend Juan taught me to play hard DD. Unfortunately leader decided to close it 2 months later and that made me so sad cuz %80 of my DD life was there. Later, i joined >VIP< , played few clanwars but leader and scripter fought and got closed too. My 2 friends were in nTL and i joined ntl too. We have played many clanwars and had fun there. But 1 month later i left because of a co-leader. Weeks later, I was watching my friend's clan's clanwar (LS). He invited me to join and i couldn't break him and I joined to [LS] and had much experiences and made great relationships there. But i argued with a member and left the clan. Then, i was only playing in [wG] server and [wG] leader invited me to the clan and i accepted his invitation. But no one was active so i didn't stay much time and left. And now I'm here, with the shade of hope to join this wonderful community - Sixth Sense. Have you been in any other clans?: Yes, I have. You can see them there: |FT| Fellow Team | Member | Closed. |-nTL-| Nothing to Lose [x2] | Member | "Left because I argued with a member." CH4# ChaO Holigans | Leader | "Closed because i had no time to manage a clan." [wG] Wizard Gamers | Member | "Left because of inactivity." #MvP! Most valuable Players | Member | Closed. >VIP< Very Important Players | Member | "Left because dd members left the clan." [zGs] Zero Gravity Stunters | Trial | "Left because of inactivity. [LS] Lightning Strike | Member | "Left because of personal problems." What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: First of all, I am looking for communicative, friendly, respectful, serious and successful clan. If we consider what I said, this clan is Sixth Sense. In 2016, I watched Sixth Sense's clanwar and i was impressed. The things i watched were patience, teamwork and success. After i watched that clanwar, I imagined to be part of 6s and thought many dreams about this. And now, I am here to be a part of Sixth Sense. How would you be useful to us?: I rate myself as very positive, mature person with sense of humour, so I can bring good atmosphere. I am experienced DD player so i can help you at clanwars. Moreover I have a lot of free time, that means i can be active in game and forum. I am able to make dd maps if you want. I can bring you success. I can bring you friendly atmosphere. We can beat modders together because "a teamwork can beat everything". Something more to add: Thanks for reading my join request. I apologize if you got bored while reading it. emir.marley.bullet22 You can see my own clan's cws there:
  7. DM: 5/10 Hunter: 4/10 DD: 9/10 Shooter: 4/10 Race: 4/10