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  1. Nickname: Dilow Real name: Krasimir Date of birth: 7.11.2000 Country and city: Pleven , Bulgaria. Contact info: Dilow#0893 [Discord] Previous clan(s): International Team [INT] : Left , Inactive players as WFF/CW manager. Very Important Players >VIP< : Kicked/Member. Unlimited Power UP| : The clan got closed , i was a trial. Why do you want to join us? MAD seems to be a really strong clan with many helpful members that are good , but also funny and friendly. How can you contribute to us? I will always be friendly and i will try to help as much as i can.During clanwars i will give my best to make my team win and have a better reputation Tell us more about yourself: (optional) Well , since a while i have been watching MAD's performance during clan wars and i see a mature,friendly and a really nice atmosphere. \\ EDIT Added my MTA History. My MTA:SA career started many years ago (2011) in the server called [DDC] // Drunk Drivers Club.The gamemode that i started playing with was Oldschool,but as i was playing it i decided to try out Deathmatch and i liked it a lot of.It was really hard for me so i decided to test it out.As i was playing it was getting better and better.I felt like i wanna find new adventures and then i decided to join a DDC clan , [INT] // International Team.I made new friends and went thought lots of adventures there,it was such a great time.I played in a few Deathmatch Clanwars from which i improved a lot.They really liked the way i play and act , so they decided to promote me as a WFF and a CW manager.It was a new experience for me , but they all said that i have done it really well.After a few month of being a part of this team i decided to leave , sadly.I was clanless for a few months then , hopefully , i had the chance to join >VIP< // Very Important Players.I joined them successfully and had the chance to play on a Lucky7 tournament.Sadly , one of the leaders didn't like me that much and decided to kick me without a reason.I felt really shocked as i was giving my best , as i always do in the clan that im in.I take stuff really serious.After a while , my friend Every opened a clan called |UP // Unlimited Power and i decided to see , if i can join it.Luckily after a while i got accepted , but after a week the Deathmatch team got sadly closed and i was forced to leave.Meanwhile i've been playing in The Favoured Few's server for the months in which i made lots of new friends.I'd say that i enjoy playing with all of you.