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  1. I don't want to try joining them anymore. The reasons can be told in private, I'm free to tell you if you're interested. I've already written to close that thread.
  2. Nickname: Eluzive! Real name: Kirill Date of birth: 25.12.1997 Country and city: Curently living in Vladimir, Russia. Contact info: skype: daboom707 Previous clan(s): |EP| - Energy Pearl [TPI] - The Panic Industry [OP] - Overpowered [FOTL] - Firestarters Of The Land Why do you want to join us? I'd like to join MAD since I've known this clan for long time already and now I'm looking for a suitable clan to be in. Personaly I like its members and according to this would like to be a part of MAD. How can you contribute to us? My main goal is helping clan on clanwars. Besides, I can help in organizing any event you want. I'll also try to make this clan more popular and attractive among MTA players to let MAD get more suitable members by staying active on servers and achieving good results on clanwars. Tell us more about yourself: Some of old MAD members may know me well already even if we speak about my good or bad behaviour in past. Everyone has its own point of view. Everything I want to say, I'm sure that I will fit this clan. Speaking about my behaviour it's been changed comparing with old times and I tend to believe that nobody will be dissapointed in it. Briefly speaking about my MTA career, I started to play MTA in 2008. Was playing on some random servers, took a break for a year, then got back and start to play on DDC servers. There I had an incredible time, was in some cool clans but then left the community to play on ffs server, where I play till nowadays.