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  1. Nice to see your join request here :3 it's a big yes from my side! <3
  2. Awesomee join request! Good luck!^^
  3. My vote is Yes. Good luck Gerc!
  4. Just ignore/delete this "joke" as soon as possible From my point of you, we shouldn't take it into consideration...
  5. Látod mondtam én hogy megy ez!!!:33 Sok sikert, várunk szeretettel!
  6. Thank you! I'll do my best and I hope I'm fit for this membership.
  7. Köszönöm! Thank you for your trust Eluzive!
  8. Thank you for good wishes!<3 I respect your decide if you think it I cannot do anything with it
  9. Thank you guys! Nice to hear it. Köszönöm!
  10. Thank you for your support guys! Hopefully it won't close in the near future!
  11. DEAN’s Join Request Dear MAD members and community, Nickname: *DEAN# Real name: Mark Kancsal Date of birth: 17.03.2000. Country and city: Szolnok, Hungary Contact info: I'm usually available on my friend’s teamspeak server but you can contact me on skype or on Steam and on Discord. Skype: kancsal.mark Previous clan(s): -AG!: Atomic Gamers(Closed) -Koh-: Killers of Hope(Closed /HeT\:Hell Energy Team(Closed) |ED|: Eski Dostlar(Closed) ~DM~: Death Monsters(Closed) Why do you want to join us? First of all, I would like to be a part of your community and play in a team. Secondly, I hope I can develop my skills as a member of a clan and I think you are really friendly and helpful and fit for this. That is the reasons why I would like to be the part of this family. How can you contribute to us? I can offer my help in future clan wars and other tournaments. I would help you out as much as my possibilities allow and I will try to make the community more colorful. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) My name is Mark Kancsal and my nickname is DEAN# I live in Hungary and I am 17 years old boy. I study at a secondary school. I like hang out with friends and computer games. If i have some free time I listen to music and play with MTA or CS:GO. I hope my application will be taken into consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, *DEAN#