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  1. She is cooking while me on the shadow to not get a sunburn
  2. Lovely map !! Lovely record
  3. Looks amazing Great record
  4. Great map ! Turbo is improving a lot mapping which is great ! Vishal you had some fps drop but still great
  5. Great track, great deco ! Reflex you still great doing videos dude !
  6. Map look great and love the decoration
  7. This are the best light I ever seen in my life
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen! As an addition to this tournament we decided to make some betting challenge. The group stage has been posted and from now on you can bet on the participating teams. How will it work? You can guess the first and second places of each group and the amount of points they will earn. Note this isn't the points that the teams will get for a win, tie or loss; it's basically the amount of rounds they win throughout the group stage. Keep in mind that every team is going to play two matches, which means 40 rounds in total. So the maximum amount of points is 40. Here's the format. Example: The system will be the following: 10 points for guessing everything correctly 3 points for guessing the correct score of a specific place 3 points for guessing the correct order of the group 1 point for guessing the winner of the group 1 point for guessing the second place of the group The awards Special thanks to Suhaibz To submit your bets, simply post it under this topic. Good luck and have fun! Regards, Sixth Sense MTT-II Team
  9. what are these gay status updates without any explanation

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    2. DeLeTe


      It's like Snapchat, why do people post things? for no reason ;)

    3. ryderrr


      snapchat is good @DeLeTe smd

    4. Spotlight


      I do post thing on snap chat tho

  10. True friends don’t judge each other. They judge other people together.


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    2. DarkFly#


      True friends do not judge each other.  you such a liar!

    3. DeLeTe


      @DarkFly~ that's exactly what he said hhh


    4. DarkFly#


      why I did share this status update, professor can judge me

  11. Wow amazing Looks amazing
  12. Life is short, smile while you still have teeth :D

    1. CheiN


      Oh dear Sam, life is made to be enjoyed. Thats why we have to stay happy 

    2. CarmY


      Thanks for the lesson number 2 Spot-sempai!

  13. BReaker I can not even belive in this... Dude you were very inactive lately, but I hope your life is going well and you find your way. I spent a really great time with you in tff now in 6s, we allways had fun with each other and mapping too. We are getting old, today its you, one day will be me or someone else, We are getting inactive day by day, we have work, we home family and tons of others things that mta can not give. Mta was just a hobby and this game is indeed hard to leave, We get inactive but at the end we will end up playing again somehow. So I hope I find you someday on the server and I wish you the best luck for your life dude !
  14. Don’t regret the past, just learn from it ! :D

  15. Welcome to my world of fun :D

    1. DeLeTe


      A word which time doesn't affect it B|

    2. CheiN


      Thanks uncle sam

    3. Spotlight