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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I took a while to record this map, and I am really sorry about it. Well the map is awesome, great decoration and track has some trick nice parts, but it is amazing and with great scripts. Sorry the intro has my mouse there and I only saw after the uploading and the clips done. Thanks ErcK to let me record his amazing map. Thanks Nao for recording the driving part because I had some issues with my fps. <3 Song: James Bay Let It Go . Chill Nation ! Remix Infernus: Infernus Micra v5 noplate Skype: samuel_leocadio
  2. You welcome buddy, next time put the song I made on the intro to look sync
  4. There is a lot to improve but still... Good job making this theme dude. Now you got some critism and you might know where you should get better.
  5. Congratulations new fuckers !! Enjoy ! 2018 new year new stuff
  6. Great video @Rizom Amazing deco
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm still thinking how could I record this map, how could UnDeR let me record his map without any experience in recording. I have to say it's a wonderful map. Scripts are amazing and there is no bugs at all. Smooth map with unique characteristics, that gave me a lot of work. Talking about the video, it is the first time I did an edit like this and I hope you like it, I'm still a newbie and learning everyday. Song: The Horrors - Something To Remember Me By (Official Audio)
  8. 80% of this recorders left mta/stoped recording.
  9. ▶Cpu: i5 4570 ▶Gpu: MSI GTX 1060 X-Gamer 6GB ▶Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws X 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1600MHz CL9 Azul ▶Motherboard: Asus H87M-PRO ▶HDD: SSD HyperX Savage 250GB ▶Psu: Nox NX 750W ▶Case: Nox Hummer VX ▶Mouse: Zowie FK1+ ▶Headset: HyperX Cloud II ▶Keyboard: Ozone Strikebattle Spectra ▶Mousepad: SteelSeries XL ▶Monitor: Monitor Asus VG248QE TN 24" FHD 16:9 144Hz 3D
  10. Hello Hello ladies and gentlemen ! This is my very first edit ever, hope you love it. This map is not new but it was not recorded before. Amazing and smoth map, good to play wff. Infernus: Special Costum one from @BlueRay. Song Name: Rodridan - Dreamz (Original Mix) Thanks @Nao.# for helping. Hope you like it !
  11. Thank you everyone for getting in this give away. Today is the day !! Congratulations to @D3lete, the random number was 145 and he took 147 which is the closest one.
  12. Hello ladies and gentlemen I am giving away my old keyboard Razer Deathstalker. Who ever wins the give away pays the shiping postage. My keyboard has around one year and its brand new. To join the give away choose a number between 0 and 500 (Do not repeat the numbers). The give away will end at 20/11/2017. @Conolel Your numbers are in use, choose another number.
  13. FRESH MEAT !! Congratulations to the new people. Proud of you Nice to see the old guys joining back