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  1. Reopened
  2. 1.0.5

    Developer: @Qualiti Core Fixed bug that when you join the round while it’s running the interface wouldn’t be shown Fixed bug that the cursor was not showing when you join training Fixed bug that the shop items didn’t work in training Fixed bug that when a player quit while being in the lobby he didn’t get removed from the players list Fresh registered users will now receive 4000$ Userpanel Fixed bug that the shamal started if you closed the shop application even if you didn’t even enter the garage Removed the “Sticker Usage” option since it became useless anyways
  3. Closed as requested!
  4. When did this bug appear? Was it before 1.0.4 or after it?
  5. 1.0.4

    Developer: @Qualiti Core Scoreboard is now only showing rooms if they are not empty Fixed bug that respawning would set you in the wrong dimension Fixed bug that sometimes vehicle changes didn’t work due to a desync Fixed bug that the hunter room didn’t change the map after the time is up Added that the ping kicker is now only checking your ping if the round is running (this will hopefully help to prevent kicks due to downloading the map) Fixed bug that the warning amount of the ping kicker didn’t get reset after getting kicked Improved performance of the main room class a bit (still didn’t figure out the root of the big lags) Fixed bug that the amount of players that are in the lobby was not correct Deco hider now hides way more deco objects (Thanks for the IDs @VarieN) Fixed bug that caused the player names sometimes not show Added flags to the toptimes Userpanel Added that you are able to resize stickers by using your mouse wheel (holding LCTRL will lower the amount of resize) Added information texts in the garage which will help users to understand how to manage layers Added that holding LCTRL will increase the precision of the sticker movement Fixed bug that you are sometimes not able to open the application selection Fixed bug that you are sometimes not able to scroll the lobby with the mouse wheel Added lobby to the room selection
  6. No, they dont. If they'd have explained everything I wouldn't ask.
  7. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Assigned to to Qualiti Changed Priority to Urgent
  8. I dont really see the bug in scoreboard to be honest. You mean that the countdown and notifications can be on top of the scoreboard?
  9. 1.0.3

    Developer: @Qualiti Core Optimized structure and creating/deleting of the main client class Fixed bug that decohider didn’t stay enabled after map change Fixed bug that some scripts which required the whole map to be loaded were not loading properly Added that stickers are now availabe for everyone (They have to be bought once for 50k) Added a new structure of our database class Scoreboard is now showing all rooms at once instead of having to change the view
  10. 1.0.2

    Developer: @Qualiti Core: Added back the original airplane to the login panel Added login and guest buttons to the login panel (pressing enter to login is still working) Fixed typo that shooter delta had a ping limitation Fixed avatar system not working at all Added a new way to convert avatars in a stable way Improved perfomance of avatars (drawing, creating)
  11. First of all I have to say thank you for this much great and constructive feedback! All of these comments will help us to develop our 1.0 server further and will also help for an even better 2.0 experience. One thing you guys have to know: As we are already, as mentioned, developing a whole new core (2.0) where we are going to apply all of your suggestions we will not be able to consider all your input for our 1.0 gamemode! As we are only 2 people who are developing the script of the new core it would be kind of nonsense to put our full working time towards the 1.0 gamemode since that would just delay the launch of 2.0 which is currently a main goal for us to each. Regarding that thing that nothing pops up for you after opening the shop I need some further explainings what exactly is happening (or not happening?). Fixing bugs without experiencing them on your own is most of the time a really annoying work. Just to clarify, you are not leaving your room by opening the userpanel itself, you are leaving the room once you open the Shop which is a necessary due to the fact that you are spectating a different point than your own car or any player in the room which makes it hard to keep everything clean while being a room (and yes, it would be possible to do it without leaving the room but as our 1.0 structure is not well done it's kinda hard to do so) Seems like I've misstyped one line when adding the delta room, this will be fixed in the next update coming out real soon! I've already saw your bug tracker report and tried to get rid of these bugs. Sadly that "double music" bug is appearing by something which I can't fully reproduce since it happens like 1/150 times (atleast for me). But, I'll indeed take a look at the ping kicker to make it work better. In case anyone else is experiencing bugs make sure to report them on the bug tracker. I'll keep checking it more frequent and will try to fix the bugs appearing as soon as possible.
  12. Would you mind to expand on the 2. point? What do you mean by that?
  13. Hello guys, It's not a secret that our server has been staying empty for the past few months and we didn't do anything in order to change that. There's not much to explain about that topic except for the fact that we simply got unmotivated after seeing the low amount of users on our server after we had spent plenty of time developing it. There's no point of even searching for excuses since we (members of 6s) know that we did mistakes when we were launching the server and even at developing it. But enough about that for now! It would simply be a loss if we would let the server die just like this without even trying to get it back on track. Now there comes your part. The main part of a working server are the users on it! That's what we are, as already mentioned, missing. As you, who is reading this right now, is not playing on our server as well, there must be a reason for that. Coming straight to the main point, why I am writing this topic: Why are you not playing on the server? What reasons do you have, to not play on the server? Is there anything we could change about that? This topic is our chance to revive the server and your chance to tell us your own honest opinion and ideas about us and our server. I hope that together with you we can fix the issues regarding the server and it's low players amount. Don't hesitate to tell us your true opinion.