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  1. Good luck bro! I hope you make it
  2. Nickname: Gerix Real name: Ivan Date of birth: 27.5.2000 Country and city: Croatia, Zagreb Contact info: Skype: g_ivan123 Previous clan(s): Xtreme Ghost(xG) Xtreme Racers zCool(~xRz~) NAB Team(n.T~) Upper-Class-Of-Speed Why do you want to join us? I want to join MAD because it seems to me that clan is full of wonderful, polite and skillful players. It is really skilled clan and I could learn so much from your players and have fun in the same time. I would like to improve my skills in WFF and I think your players can help me with that because of their knowledge and experience. How can you contribute to us? Honestly, I can't help you with CW's because you already have really good WFF and DM team(can help if needed) but I can contribute for your clan by promoting it with my activity in game. Tell us more about yourself: I'm 1,85 m tall(irrelevant :D), my hobby's are football, handball...(any sport with -ball in it ) I'm currently in 3rd grade of highschool for hotel and tourist technician. Thanks for your time! Best regards, Gerix!