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  1. Thanks mate!
  2. Nickname:KeLLeCi Real Name:Furkan Sahin Date of birth: 19 June 1996 Country and city: Turkey,Trabzon Contact info: Skype:furkan-kelleist Discord:furkansahin#6961 Previous clan(s): |uFo|-Unarmed Force (Ufo was a well-established clan on X5 server, It was like in 2010-2011), |ED|-Eski Dostlar, and -a7x- Avenged sevenfold (founder) Why do you want to join us? I want to join because the MAD clan being respected and such a strong clan.The members of MAD are pretty skilled and friendly players this is why i want to join MAD How can you contribute to us? I have abilities for DM,WFF and Hunter.I know i can help team in the CW's, L7 and another events Tell us more about yourself:I started to play in 2009 or 2010.I played many times DD/DM in average turkish servers.After a short time i started play in famous servers like X5, SHC.I left the game a several times in these 8 years(Around 4-5 times because of irl)This game has give me a lot of friends, hope you guys become one of them