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  1. Nickname: Wazzy Real name: Dorian Date of birth: 09/02/2001 Country and city: Croatia , Osijek Contact info: skype: dorianbiuklija discord: Wazzy.1337#3659 steamID: wazzyyyyy Previous clan(s): Xtreme Racers zCool ( ~xRz~) ( member) NAB Team ( n.T~ ) (leader in 2k16) Royal Gaming ( RG|) ( leader in 2k17) Unknown Generations ( uG// ) ( leader 2k15) Fantastic Crew ( -FC- ) ( founder) ...and few others that are not that well known outside of FFS Why do you want to join us? I want to join MAD because there are skilled and friendly players and I think I can learn a lot of things from them and i have few friends that are in MAD. How can you contribute to us? Well , I can’t contribute with many things to MAD but I can help you in clanwars because I can nolife the maps and I’m a good hunter player and when you will need any ideas I will be there for you , anytime. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) My name is Dorian . I found out for MTA in 2k10 . At that time i've loved roleplay and RPG servers so i started playing SAES:RPG. I've spent some time playing that server then after i got bored of it my friend suggested me another RPG server called SAUR. In 2k14 i had some problems with PC and i couldnt update MTA to 1.4 ( that leaves me hanging because saur changed their version to MTA 1.4). I came across FFS-Gaming where my adventure begain. Few first weeks on the server i was testing game modes and i stick with Shooter. Ofcourse i invited few of my friends to come play FFS with me and one of my friend suggested me to play DM. I was playing OldSchool and enjoyed my staying on FFS. Welp i stayed on OldSchool maybe a bit too long because i started playing DM 6 weeks ago and left all my toptimes on OldSchool behind. I've started nolifing Alpha now even that i dont know that many maps , I'am a fast learner. Few of maps that i nolifed the shit out of were Dark Skills Paradise , Noxious Force II , Breakout II.