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  1. I don't expect anything special, all I need is a good community...That's enough for me.
  2. My real name is Gregory, and my ingame name is KUTYA. I'm 20 years old. I'm from Hungary. I started to play MTA about 7 years ago at Gladiators of Darkness server, where I made a clan with my friend, called Death Monsters. Later on, I met aNdro, and I began playing on the megaGaming server. We made a map (which was my first map), called 600 Years. Then I joined the mG clan, and we had plenty of wars. Honestly, I did love this community the most... One year later the clan managed to stole a map from FFS Gaming (Pure Skill Paradise II) and many people, including me left mG. I re-established my old crew (Death Monsters) on the GoD server, but I played daily on FFS. I started a Youtube channel with Dealy and Subaru (Gorillaz). Two years later my clan got disbanded, and I joined GoD. The community was not the best, it was basically just new people coming and going. After one year I left the clan. I've been inactive for a long time, but I decided to come back. The problem is, I'm alone and I need a reliable community / clan. I'm still studying and working too, and of course, taking time to play aswell