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  1. Seems like it was the driver that was causing the problem. I had to uninstall all the drivers for my gpu and then reinstall it again from the start and hopefully it got fixed! Thanks for helping tho ;p
  2. Hello there, i started experiencing some kind of "glitch" when inside a game, happened in league and now i noticed that it affected mta too. still cant identify the problem to solve it but it seems related to scaling or something like that. when in mta, it happened in fullscreen mode but not in windowed mode. fullscreen mode: windowed mode(fine): thanks for helping
  3. To be honest, the problem is not related to the server (despite having a few bugs now and then but it doesn't affect the gameplay that much.). I'd say it is more about MTA in whole. I've been playing this game since late 2010, back when the game used to be "play for fun" not "tryhard to win" as it is right now. This began back on 2013 when mappers decided to change their mapping style and make it harder, thus players had to spend more time on playing which in fact destroyed their lives and made them as it is called today "nolifers". People been and are still doing the same things that happened 4 years ago which has became boring to a certain point that i lost the enjoyment that i was feeling before. We started losing the "golden players" that created the fun back then and started replaced them with newbies that grew in a boring atmosphere, where nolifing is a "must -have" thing in their career. I find it frustrating and disappointing that most players are choosing stats over fun nowadays, hopefully they'll wake up from this coma and start seeking what the game was built for, enjoyment and having fun with your friends. Other than that, the game has not been improving any further for years now, I haven't seen anyone coming up with a brilliant idea that would make MTA a better place again. Players got blinded and are used to the same things now, they cant be creative and think about new ideas anymore. It's like they became some programmed robots functioning for one goal and nothing else.
  4. It has been a hell of a two awesome years despite the problems we faced through out our journey! I'd like to thank this wonderful stuff for being just amazing and supportive all the time and for sticking together through thick and thin! Also thanks to the community members who always believed in us even after having a total "shut down", hopefully we wont disappoint you with whats coming out next! A lot of kawaii updates are on the way so stay tuned for the hype! LONG LIVE SIXTH SENSE!
  5. make us omelette au fromage
  6. Others be like
  7. This is surely some good news to hear from you Dinko! it's been a god damn long time bruh! Welcome back!
  8. We were staying in Paris To get away from your parents
  9. :Heart::Heart: @Snowi



    1. [X]press


      So much love these days, and i'm just sitting here with my headset on in a dark room touching myself

  10. Next: Tunisia
  11. fanta asking for votes like
  12. Could you send me an account cuz i cant create one here D: (not available xd)
  13. Even tho we didn't spend a lot of time together, it was hella awesome to be in a clan with you! As for now, i wish you the best of luck in your life! Hope we see you around some times