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  1. I had a break at that time.
  2. Nickname Vitalic Real name Tician Date of birth 16.02.2003 (DD/MM/YYYY) Country and city Hungary, Sopron Contact info Discord: Vita#7366 (I'm more active here) Skype: mekelek55 Previous clan(s) I've been in only one official clan: RedProject rP// (Kicked because inactivity) Why do you want to join us? I would like to join MAD because I think that clan would be perfect for me, for becomming a better player, getting some new friends. MAD is a clan, which contains a lot of loyal, skilled members. That's why I want to be a part of your clan. How can you contribute to us? I can help on ClanWars, but if not, I can help the team with my act. Besides that, I could help in mapping. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) I'm a friendly, active player of MTA. I'm very patient, and loyal. Thanks for reading, much appreciate Vitalic~