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  1. That's right.
  2. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Yumit; "cancer#" ingame; I am 14 years old and living in Bulgaria/Varna. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I started to play MTA in the end of 2015. First of all, I tried the mode "Random", but it was way to boring for me. So I decided to try "Fun/OS". It went boring for me on Fun/OS. I found a new main gamemode named "Shooter". I really loved the gamemode. Cool people, a great control of the car and many new faces. I found a new clan named "Mercenary Killlers". I wanted to be a part of them and after much training and a hard test, I made it. I had much fun in it. But I realized that they don`t care about people who can`t speak their language. They were always talking in their language (arabic or what ever). So, I decided to leave mK. I came back to 3R and tried my luck. I had the privilege to learn to know many communities. Many different ones. Anyways, after all this time, I learned from it. I decided to find a community with power. A community, which exists for a long time already. What honestly attracts me the most about 6s is its continuity and the achievement oriented. When we talk about features, 6s obviously offers the richest span of inventions which continually attracts an abundance of players. More players equals greater opportunities and my given opportunity would be to showcase my ability to actively interact, manage and go into solution for the sake of a clean experience. Joining a community of caliber big such as this is definitely a challenge, on the other hand it is quite motivating and certainly makes the pursuit more demanding. I had a lot of desire in my time, but I was not very knowledgeable at that time. Now I would like to bring my own knowledge and experience, education I have taken on human psychology to better places, both the server and the people. Have you been in any other clans?: Mercenary Killers - as Shooter Leader - Left Hypesonic Snakes - as Shooter Leader - closed Fuck the System - as Shooter Member - Closed Serial Killers - as Shooter Member - Left Lovers Challenge - as Shooter Member - Closed Unbeatable Tactics - as Shooter CW Manager - Kicked Infernal Edge - as FDD Co-Leader - Left What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I have no expectations of this powerful society because I know it is full of loyal, soberly thinking people. How would you be useful to us?: Hmm, very good question, I want to be part of the squads because I like the Event and CW, I want to do some fun events, I am a good event organizer and everything I would like to be part of these squads, I am also a person in the that you can trust, I am also good at clan wars, I have certain experiences in Shooter, I am a player who works as a team, I am very mature and real, and therefore, I think I would like to be part of the Shooter squads. Ending all the people who break the rules and make new friends, I would also like to slaughter all those campers who ask for camp. Also sanction the people who speak non-english in the main chat or in the global chat, to be able to help my colleagues to find people who sanction the rules. I can keep the server clean from campers / insulters or other scum, since I am pretty active in game and familiar with the background of several players. I am able to communicate with a lot of people, since my English knowledge is quite big even though I am still developing my English skills. I can participate in clan wars, and I can help the server providing maps, since I know quite a lot of people. Another goal of mine is to keep the server fun to be playing in but that would be everyone’s goal. Also one of my big goals is to just have fun within a clan since my previous clans did not really made me have fun in playing MTA except for 6s. I believe that 6s is Different and I have experienced that. I want to be helpful in clanwars. Since I got much Shooter experience, I am able to say that I am good in MTA. Also let me share something like a secret. Simply, I‘m here to represent the clan in Shooter, fight for the clan and do my best. In my opinion, I‘m a good shooter player, someone who knows what means teamworking responsible and mature enough.One of my the most useful skills in the CW Room is that I can fit into every style of play. It does not matter with who i play ... I play so I can win it. Something more to add: Nothing else. Regards, cancer#.
  3. Wow! A lot of useful information, also thank you for the exact answer and time, I appreciate what you did for me. Keep in the same spirit!
  4. Hello everyone, Could I add this gun/weapon/rocket (in the MTA installation itself) that is on the car's cover and to be able to be used on any server? And if it is possible not to connect with me and help me because I am not very inward with these things. Thank you for the attention! Regards. This photo of is not from me, and it can be a little blurry, sadly.