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  1. Please declined my jr.
  2. Join Request By Nuthix! My name is Yura, my nickname is Nuthix. I am 14 years old, male, from Ivanovo, Russian Federation. My MTA career started back in 2013. My first server was a Fellow Team |FT|. Long and steadily I developed and gained new experience. Played on the server for over 3 years. In 2016 server shut down and I went to the public FFS. Played there for over a month. After that my career took a break, about 2-3 months. Then I went with the new forces to another server and began to destroy all in its path. In 2017 I started to play CW. Experience certainly a little, but if you will accept me I will work hard to develop and improve their skills, will try. Throughout my 4 years of playtime, I have been different clans. 1) [Story] - We Are Good Story 2) [MYTH] - MYTHICAL Team 3) [MO] - Moving ON 4) #US| - Unbeatable Skills 5) -mLC. - Mad Lion Crew 6) [UG] - UnlimitedGrand Power 7) |FT| - Fellow Team Since I know that every team has ups and downs I expect Sixth Sense to remain cautious and avoid making pathetic and unplanned decisions at all times. I expect that you have a well-organized and motivated clan. How many times have I played against you, you have always been a team work, even when you lost. And that I like you. I am a well-organized, responsible and reliable person. I will ensure to do my best in order to accomplish it. I always think before I make any actions. If anything goes wrong, I remain calm and cautious. Thank you for reading my join request, good for you and good luck.