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  1. i fucking love kroketten
  2. Dear MAD Family, I want to introduce myself to you |- My name is Analoq and I’m completely new to MTA. That does not mean that I’m completely without experience. I’ve gathered my experience on 2013 on New Dawn, as New Dawn closed I spend my time to focus on my Studies. Now I’m finished my Studies and started to work, as compensation for working life I thought it can’t be wrong to play again some DM Race, so I started to search some SAMP Servers, but I didn’t found any one so I started to search on MTA and found FFS Gaming there I play already a couple of weeks. Let me tell you something about my Real Life |- My name is Maurice I’m 25 years old and live near to Frankfurt. I’m working as project engineer by a German company called “engelbert strauss GmbH & Co. KG” some of you may know that company. In my free time I spend a lot of time with my friends and do some sports (mostly Jogging) but I also try to play active DM Race. You can contact me on Skype, WhatsApp and Discord. So why I want to join MAD? |- As you know I’m completely new on MTA so its hard to me to find a Group (Clan), as I started to play on FFS I had talk with Infinity and asked him for the requirements for his Clan (Supremacy), he told me that there are no requirements and that I could join if I want. Thanks to Infinity, he helped me a lot to get started in MTA because MTA was a foreign environment for me. He also told me about MAD and i should give myself a try and apply. Of course, I’m unknown and long not so skilled like other Players but I need to make a first step and find myself a Group (Clan) to get more experience. Of course, I can’t contribute to MAD with my skill level on Clan Wars, but I guess I can contribute to you with my friendly character and my will to learn. And i hope MAD takes me as i am. <- a Newbie in MTA. Also, I should note that I'm talented in the graphical area. Final Words |- I hope you enjoy reading my join request. I would be very happy to hear from you 😊 Lovely greetings Analoq