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  1. I'm just passing by here and I'd like to say that 6s needs finn (at his best) on his wff roster to fight against strong clans like xpr, ffs, mad and the newest clans like 7m or z#. Otherwise, you guys need to find a constant player (but I guess that 6s have that player already )
  2. Thank you pablow lescanow
  3. Motherboard: Gigabyte B75M-D3H CPU: i3 2120 @3.30GHZ GPU: GT 620 1GB DDR3. RAM: 4 GB DDR3 665.1MHz Mouse: Neo generic Keyboard: Genius generic Headset: Neo generic
  4. Congratulations guys, especially to my friend, Spotlight. Congratulations samuel, amigo! you deserve it.
  5. Hello guys! Well, for the past few months the JR's were closed, but today, 8/01/2017 were opened by the best Team Manager of the world (Pizza). Cutting the bullshit, this decision was made from all of us in the "Olympus", because we think that we need fresh meat in the clan So, the Join Request are opened, if it wasn't clear. Try here!: http://xn-racing.com/index.php?/forums/forum/10-join-request-open/ Good luck to everybody.
  6. -1

    Adiós Guillermo, espero verte en MTA .
  8. Name of the mal: Dystopia Author: @Rizom
  9. ¿No te parece un poco irrespetuoso de tu parte decirnos "niños" a todos los latinos? Si vamos a opinar libremente como hiciste vos puedo decirte que por lo poco que conocí de vos llego a la conclusión de que sos una persona super maleducada e inmadura. Si querés que te respeten, aprende a respetar, dejate de boludeces y trata de ubicarte un poco.
  10. AMAZING.
  11. A picture of me taken by my girlfriend. Mirror .
  12. Happy birthday putito! @Nano and happy birthday to you too @Sube!
  13. Awesome! Good luck to everybody.