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  1. Hello everybody! I would love to share you my first video about CS:GO. I have to apologize because of video quality. I really couldn't learn to fix it yet. I guess it is because of my video recorder. Anyway, have fun!
  2. Congratulations Sixth Sense!
  3. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? Hi everybody, I'm Emir, In-game knowns as Pinkman. I am from Turkey and I am 18 years old. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? My adventure with MTA began in 2010. I had no idea about the game when i started to play and I connected to a server which is freeroam. We played in this server for a year. Then, my friends found a DD server named Fellow Team and they called me to play there and I played with them. There were friendly, supportive, helpful and talented players. I learnt mapping while playing in this server, too. The first clan I have joined was 3R. I had great time there but I have been kicked for a ridicolous reason. After a while, I met someone named SLaye[R] and we decided to create a common clan. My duty was to take care the DD squad and his was the DM. We really created our clan and we were successful. But he invited fake players to clan and I wasn't happy with it. I argued with him and we closed the clan. Long time later, my friend CaspeR wanted me to make a join request for #MvP!. I did and I was accepted. Leaders didn't care the DD squad and members argued each other and I left the clan. I was clanless and I thought that It was time to make a join request for Fellow Team. I made a join request and I was accepted after a few months. I admired the atmosphere of Fellow Team. I played clanwars and had great time there. Unfortunetaly, I couldn't have much time there because Kiss closed the clan. I felt lone. I decided to leave mta for a while. I saw my two buddies were in >VIP< and I asked them to join. They let me in but I couldn't stay much because leader and scripter argued each other and I left. Next, I joined nTL and played many clanwars there. A grumpy member insulted my mother and we argued again. After, I left. A few weeks later, when I was watching a clanwar, goodlike invited me to [LS] and I accepted his invitation. I had much experiences there but I had to leave because of some personal problems. And now I'm here, with the shade of hope to join this wonderful community. Have you been in any other clans? Yes, I have. You can see them down. 3R 3lite Racers | Trial | Kicked |FT| Fellow Team | Member | Closed ntl. Nothing to Lose | Member | Left CH4# ChaO Holigans | Leader | Closed #MvP! Most Valuable Players | Member | Left >VIP< Very Important Players | Member | Left [LS] Lightning Strike | Member | Left What are your expectations in Sixth Sense? I expect Sixth Sense members to be respectful, friendly, helpful and honest. And I know they are. I also really expect you to give me chance at clanwars if I become a 6s member. How would you be useful to us? I rate myself as very positive, mature person with sense of humour, so I can bring you good atmosphere. I am experienced DD player. I also know to make a map. Unfortunetaly, I can't edit videos and I cant design well. But I always try to do my best! Something more to add: You can make a contact with me via PM. Thanks for reading my join request. I hope you liked it.