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  1. Final Score (|6s - Z#): 81 - 59 MVP: Driver
  2. Nickname: Xanny^^ Real name: Martin Date of birth: May 13th, 2000 (17 years old) Country and city: Austria, Vienna Contact info: Discord "terrydavis#2862", Telegram ( don't want to publicize this here ), if needed i can also get Skype. Previous clan(s): I have not been in any clan in MTA before. Why do you want to join us? Since i left SAMP, I've always wanted to join a clan again, but i was quite sceptic and had no idea which clan would be the best for me. MAD has some Members i already know for quite some time or met recently. For me there's no other clan i would like to join as much as MAD. How can you contribute to us? I am definitely not anywhere near the best players in this clan, while i still have a lot to learn i am quite quick at it. I have no doubt that i can prove myself useful in clanwars. Other than that i am always eager to help out others wherever i can. I do not like these type of questions but this is all i can answer to that. Tell us more about yourself: I am currently in 12th Grade, next year i plan to go study abroad in Texas where i will live with my Uncle and Aunt for a while. I have started playing SAMP back in 2014 on a server called GDM ( dm server ) and RGN ( rp server ), later friends told me about New Dawn this is when i started playing OS dm, in the same year i joined @InfiNity's clan and stopped to play OS instead started to play race dm. Forward to 2017 i grew tired of SAMP and was playing a lot of MTA on ER. In Autumn 2017 New Dawn and ER closed so i joined FFS and once again @InfiNity's clan ( supremacy ). That's pretty much it, thank you for reading my application.