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  1. iRenox People that don't know you will probably say "FiNN rekt FFS" but believe me man.. We used to be friends with you for a very long time and to me it looks like you are sitting infront of the mirror and talking to yourself because everything you have mentioned & talked about on this topic is what you have practiced doing before and you've probably been doing similar things up to this day. It is not a secret that I hate you for what you have done to me. Also I don't seem to understand why did you refer to me on 3rd person "they", although your message is purposely written personally towards me? It is a personal problem between you and I and it has absolutely nothing to do with FFS and 6s. I see that you have posted a lot of screenshots of our leaders asking for money and offending our members. Let's just close our eyes and act like we have never seen you doing any of these things. Please man.. You were the one spending hours and hours in front of the PC texting me just so I would convince Berni to donate some money so you can buy a forum license for your clan, in these moments the term "asslicker" doesn't even sound harsh for me to call you like that,just to get a good dedicated server from us. Things would turn around when it comes to positions inside the team, you wanted to get the money and act as if all the merits belong to you, look at you now, you can't even manage to raise enough funds to afford a private server to play clanwars on. You were the one offending and accusing the team members every time you were online, that being only the beginning. Each time there was a conversation going on about anything in general, you had to come up and intrude your opinions into members' heads - the ones who seemed to disagree with you would simply end up humiliated or even kicked (specific case - Pavvlon). After seeing such stuff happen, the others already knew the drill. That is the reason why 70% of the old members left the team. You simply made this game boring for them. And If they agree on letting me post what we have wrote with them in private I will do it with pleasure just to let everyone know that you are just a trash talking person who pretends to be the innocent & mature guy here in front of the public. Here you can see a few screenshots.. (The way FiNN used to talk with Pavvlon ) Let's not talk about your dictatorship within the clan, in the previous trials picking, some of your own members leaked the votes for some of the candidates, you've shown that it's you the one picking trials, according to your own will and that your members' opinion is worthless to you nevertheles - and that's just the part that has recently happened. When I first revealed you my ideas on creating a new team, you agreed on us both being the individuals in charge (which obviously makes me a founder & leader), only for me to find out that I'm marked only as a "Co-Leader" when we went out in public. But later on you kept asking me for money (considering the fact that I was the one asking Berni to donate money) since he is my cousin, just so you could give false promises to me that one day I would reach the position that I actually was supposed to be - a Leader. It is true that two of our members invited their friend to play a clan war for us which was a very big mistake from their side but the leaders decided to give them a chance because after all we are all human and we do mistakes. But what you have done as a leader is worse than forgiving two members for playing a clan war with the third player as fake. You have let the biggest clan hoppers of DD community to play at least one clan war for your team. Starting from Pentaroydx, Daigamindx, StormCrow, Mackrown and many more DD players that we never saw on your forums as clan members or even former members? I know that you will come up by saying "we are testing them" yeah, this shitty idea was brought to life once you realised that people were calling you a shit team who is using the best DD players who are online just to win some clan wars so please don't talk about the way I lead the squad of FFS. After all we were the ones who ashamed your team in the final match without using any fake players but our skills! I could write much more about you and your mistakes as leader but its not worth wasting more time for someone like you so I would only give an advice to you "Please spend more time with your team working on updates instead of spending time writting this nonsense topics who are made in purpose to get some attention" Feel the death!