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  1. Hi, I see too much Drama from both sides, even i tried to stay away but couldn’t resist because the amount of stupidity in this topic. all against FFS, commenting without brain. Let’s be honest, both clans leaders had some problems from the opening of 6s, and as I remember 2 years ago Tomba120 told me that he’s working with Sniper to take 6s down, not even shocked about him, Sniper can give you some fame as FFS member and it’s a feature which makes members/developers leave some clans and join ffs directly, but he couldn’t do this easily to 6s because of the atmosphere, I’m sure it’s kinda good inside the clan, and Tomba, you want only Finn trust after Sniper fucked you up and treated you so bad. And now you showed up with two faces just to get your new goal, however, i had problems with 6s management too but after all I apologized personally to finn. But before it i got treated bad after 6s lost against my clan in DD cw, and result of the cw got deleted somehow. I don’t know who was behind that story to make that occured, is it Finn himself or Joint ? Joint cried badly after that lost and we broke 6s wins streak. And all i got after this is quite bad treatment. anyways I’m not here to fight, just saying my opinion about this topic with clear facts #fucktomba edit: congrats for the new trials, @xRAGE & @DRiVeR. Im waiting for 6s 2.0